25-75% Off 5-Star Meteorite (Luxury Collection)

25-75% Off 5-Star Meteorite (Luxury Collection)

Save 25-75% Off on all 5-Star Meteorite Wedding Bands. Includes Free Shipping!

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Our finest Collection of Luxury Wedding Bands - each handmade to order. Each stunning piece comes with a signed certificate of meteorite authenticity.

The Meteorite inlay in these designer rings is genuine Gibeon Meteorite from Namibia in South Africa.  The crystalline grain structures, called "Widmanstatten" lines, were caused by the meteorite slowly cooling over millions of years as it hurtled through space.  Estimated at over 4 billion years old, scientists have determined that the Gibeon Meteorite was in existence before the Earth was fully formed!  With a higher market value than gold, it is projected that these rings will become more and more rare and extremely valuable over time. 

Our Finest Luxury Meteorite Wedding Bands. Heavily Discounted.