8 mm Unique Mens Wedding Bands with Black Ceramic/Dino Bone - BC331M

  • 8 mm Unique Mens Wedding Bands with Black Ceramic/Dino Bone - BC331M
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PLEASE NOTE: When you purchase any of our Exotic Inlay wedding bands, the J095C (click here to view this ring) will be sent to you before we place your order to make sure that the size you have ordered is accurate (please tell us in the Customer Comments section if you would prefer the sizing ring in black tungsten instead of silver). This ring is yours to keep – we recommend you wear it when doing those tough jobs around the house, in the yard or when working out with weights – thus protecting your one-of-a-kind custom inlay ring. This service, which includes the J095C and the shipping is free of charge. Questions? Please call 801-755-1661 or email ringsales@live.com

8 mm, Unique Mens Wedding Bands Crushed Dinosaur Bone Inlay Design with Black Ceramic - and Comfort Fit. (2 mm Black Ceramic, 4 mm Dino Bone, 2 mm Black Ceramic with beveled edges).

This handmade "Exotic Inlay" wedding band comes with a signed "certificate of authenticity" and is made in the USA - we recommend you keep this certificate in a safe place for insurance/replacement purposes.

Note: This is an exotic Dinosaur Bone Collectible Ring, hand selected from agatized dinosaur bones - this exotic collection is the most prestigious of all of our collections - rings are made by hand, no two the same and all are made with exotic dinosaur bones - some with red highlights, some with blue, some with orange, etc. Each handmade ring in this collection is made from a section of bone meaning there are NO SEAMS in the finished product! There are no other rings on our site that are made with the care and precision as rings within this Collection. 

There are no refunds allowed on "M" series collectible rings in that each ring is made by hand, in your size, and no two are ever alike. 

Please allow 4-6 weeks for handcrafted creation and shipping.

This exotic inlay ring is made with Hi-tech or Jewelry Grade Black Ceramic. This high grade Ceramic is mixed with carbon to form a lightweight carbide similar to tungsten carbide. It is extremely hard - like tungsten carbide - making it highly scratch resistant.  

This collection carries a one year warranty and each ring is a collectible, handcrafted and unique in every detail - no two are like. 

If we are shipping this ring to Canada, please select “Expedited Priority Shipping” during Checkout for safer and faster shipping and to avoid any unnecessary delays in delivery.





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