Answers to questions about Men’s Wedding Bands

Answers to questions about Men’s Wedding Bands

A wedding is a beautiful and joyous occasion. It’s the moment when you embark on a new journey with your significant other, in the presence and blessings of your family and friends. The most significant and important event of every weddings is the moment when the couples exchange rings. It’s the moment when you become a man and wife. So the significance of wedding bands needs no further explanation. The wedding bands of men are especially more important considering the fact that it would probably be the only piece of jewelry a man would wear for his entire life.

The process of selecting a suitable wedding band for men can prove to be really difficult. Also the fact that most men do not have any prior knowledge about jewelry adds to the trouble. So there will be wide range of questions and doubts that will be running through a groom’s mind when selecting their wedding band. So here we are clearing the air around men’s wedding bands by answering the most popular and frequent questions.

Is the wedding band so important?

This might seem like a silly question, but believe it or not, most grooms have this question running through their mind before the wedding. The answer is yes, your wedding band is extremely important. It is something that you are going to wear for the rest of your life and could even become a legacy that you will be passing on to your children or grandchildren. Also, the only two lasting mementos of your weddings are the photos and rings, so you should be choosing a ring which you are completely happy about.

What is the difference between a wedding ring and a wedding band?

There is no difference between a wedding ring and a wedding band. Both refer to the same thing, the rings which couples exchange during the wedding ceremony. Some people refer wedding rings to the ones which have diamonds or special stones in it. The terms work interchangeably, so you can call it either wedding bands or wedding rings.

Do we need to get matching rings?

This is something that every couple has to decide. There is no specific rule that the couples should get matching rings. After all, the groom and the bride are two different individuals and they might probably have different taste in style. It is always better to select a wedding band that suits your personal tastes. However, if the groom and bride have a common interest in a particular style, then opt for matching bands.

How to choose a comfortable ring?

Many men have a belief that wearing a ring could be uncomfortable. This concern normally stems from the fact that most men have not worn a ring before. The comfort of the band depends mainly on two factors, the shape of the ring and the width of the ring. First, look for a ring design that has softly rounded edges, rather than sharp angular edges. This does not mean that a flat band style cannot be comfortable. A flat band can still have a good construction where the edge of the band is made with a very gentle rounded inside edge. Next, consider the inside curve of the ring. The inside of a ring should have a gentle curve on the inside edges of the ring. This soft internal curve will make the ring feel more comfortable on your finger. Another option is a soft fit ring, which has softly curved edges on the ring, though not a completely curved inside surface in the ring. Something that is also a popular choice for men's rings is a ring made with a comfort curve. A comfort curve refers to the inside of a ring, not the outside. So it is possible to have a comfort curve with a ring that is flat on the outside surface.

Which metal is most suitable for men’s wedding rings?

Traditionally, gold has been the most popular metal for men’s wedding rings. However, there are so many different choices in metals today and gold is no more the only required wedding metal. The given below is a list of metals which are most popular for men’s wedding bands.

  • Gold Wedding Bands

Gold was and still continues to be the most popular metal to be used in men’s wedding bands. Even with the arrival of new metal choices, the popularity of gold men’s wedding bands still remains high. There are two things to consider when choosing a gold men's wedding ring. Which gold carat to choose and gold color or what combination of gold colors you would like.

The gold carats normally used in men's wedding rings are 9ct, 14ct and 18ct. The higher the proportion of gold used in the final metal, the more valuable and expensive the metal will be. So all other things being the same, an 18ct ring will be more expensive than a 14ct ring and a 14ct ring will be more expensive than a 9ct ring.

Gold is available in several different colors. The most popular is yellow gold, followed by white gold and rose gold, though other gold colors are sometimes also available such as bronze, peach, red and lime gold. When comparing the price of the gold colors in the same carat, white gold is normally a little more expensive than yellow gold and rose gold. Yellow gold and rose gold normally have approximately the same price. Also regarding the need to resize your gold wedding ring, a simple gold wedding ring can normally be resized in the future by a local jeweler.

  • Titanium Wedding Bands

Titanium is a natural element which has a silver-grayish-white color. Titanium is the hardest natural metal in the world. It is very strong, three times the strength of steel and much stronger than gold, silver and platinum and yet is very light weight. Pure titanium is also 100% hypoallergenic which means that it if safe for anyone to wear as it will not react to your skin. Titanium provides several unique factors that make it a good metal for rings. It is very strong, more dent, bend and scratch resistant than gold, silver and platinum, is lightweight and importantly offers an exotic array of colors which other metals do not. One factor to consider with titanium is that titanium cannot be soldered, which means that titanium rings cannot normally be resized.

  • Platinum Wedding Bands

Platinum is a white metal, but unlike gold it is used in jewelry in almost it’s pure form (approximately 95% pure). Platinum is extremely long wearing and is very white, so it does not need to be rhodium plated like white gold. Platinum is a very dense, heavy metal, so a platinum ring will feel heavier than an 18ct gold ring. Platinum is however significantly more expensive than gold. All other things being the same, a platinum ring will be approximately twice the price of an 18ct white gold ring (not including gemstones).The selection of men's wedding rings made in platinum is generally smaller than the ranges available for gold and titanium rings.

  • Tungsten Wedding Bands


Tungsten carbide, commonly referred to as tungsten, is a metal that is becoming increasingly popular in men's wedding rings. Tungsten is a very hard, strong and durable metal which is highly scratch resistant. Tungsten is less expensive than gold and platinum and is comparable in price to titanium. Tungsten has a grey-white color, similar to that of white gold or titanium.


Tungsten rings are highly scratch resistant, which is its primary benefit when compared to other metals such as gold, platinum and even titanium which can scratch. So having a tungsten wedding ring that's scratch resistant offers a lot of advantages. Tungsten rings also have what's called a permanent polish, which means that they always look new and bright and shiny. They don't need to be re-polished, which is another benefit over other metals. Tungsten also has a heavy weight, which makes the ring feel more solid and many men prefer the heavier weight of tungsten rings.

One important point with tungsten rings is that they cannot be resized, because they cannot be cut and re-soldered. This means that you need to have your finger size accurately measured before ordering a tungsten wedding ring.

  • Silver Wedding Bands

Sterling silver is a white-grey colored metal which is less expensive than gold, platinum and titanium. Sterling silver is the least expensive of all the metals, which makes it a popular choice for budget-conscious grooms. Silver by itself is a fairly soft metal, so it's mixed with other metals to make it more durable. A small bit of copper is frequently chosen for this purpose. But sterling is still more prone to dents and nicks than other metals, and it requires regular polishing because it tarnishes easily.

Should men’s wedding bands include gemstones?

There is no rule whatsoever about including a gemstone in men’s wedding band. The decision to include diamonds or gemstones in your ring will depend on your personal preference. You should consider the type of work that you do and the sports you play when considering gemstones. Gemstone settings can be affected and the risk of a gemstone being lost will be increased if the ring is knocked around through manual labor and some sporting activities. You should also consider the type of gemstones that are suitable to be worn in wedding rings. Some gemstones are more fragile than others and are not suited to be worn every day. The gemstones that are suitable to be worn in wedding rings are diamonds, sapphires (all colors including blue, black, pink, orange, green and yellow) and rubies.

Is it a good idea to buy men’s wedding bands online?

Well, it certainly is. You can save a lot of time of going from one jewelry store to another. Also, online shopping can give you more choices and designs than a jewelry store. In fact, buying wedding bands online has become extremely popular over the years. The online jewelry and watch industry has grown to $9.8 billion, increasing an average of 2.9 percent a year for the past five years, according to IBIS World, an industry research firm. Engagement rings and wedding bands from online jewelers can cost more than 20 percent less as you are not paying the extra overhead costs of traditional retailers.

However, if you are planning to buy wedding bands online, you should clarify a few details of the online jewelry. First of all, make sure you can return it. Before choosing an online store, read the store's return policy thoroughly. A diamond is hard to judge online, and you might not be happy with ring. The retailer should offer free shipping and a full refund. And it should allow you to send the ring back within at least 30 days.  To limit returns, try buying from a website that features high definition photos. This will better enable you to clearly see any imperfections in the stone.


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