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Diamond Bands

Genuine Diamond Wedding Bands for Men

We have hand-selected all of our genuine diamond wedding bands to ensure fire and luster. Each band containing multiple diamonds has been carefully matched with similar clarity and color diamonds to ensure a world-class brilliance. Truly, the world's finest quality diamond wedding bands! Our Lifetime Warranty covers lost or damaged stones!

We do not carry synthetic diamonds (called Cubic Zirconia).

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Diamond wedding bands – the eternal fashion accessory for men

At Men's Wedding Bands, the premier online store for wedding bands we present a broad range of highly attractive diamond men's wedding bands that have the powers to make heads turn. We know how important wedding bands are to people who want to adore it as a precious piece of jewelry that becomes the embodiment of a joyous married life.

We also know that men will be men and they will hardly give any serious thought to the idea of buying wedding bands till the last moment. Even then, they would hardly feel the urge to go to a jewelry store and spend time for something that does not have special significance in their lives, at least till then. To make things easy, we invite you to our online store that allows shopping whenever you desire no matter what time of the day or night it is.

Showing the way

We consider that it is our duty to help customers in all possible ways so that the process of selection and buying wedding bands becomes easy for them. Since men do not have enough idea about wedding bands, we help them to acquire knowledge that they can use to make the most logical choice while meeting the aesthetics and budgetary requirements. In our endeavor to play the role of friend, philosopher, and guide to our customers, we have added special pages like FAQ and buying a guide to our website, so that the clients get a more satisfying and fulfilling buying experience. They would be happy that they have taken a well-informed decision so that they do not have to regret later.

Factors that influence selection

The buying decision depends on factors that contribute to a meaningful purchase of men's diamond wedding bands.
• Lifestyle – During selection of wedding bands, that you will constantly be wearing, you must consider your lifestyle and activities that you undertake daily. The kind of profession you are in determines the kind of exposure the hands receive during work. These factors would point to the kind of metal that would be suitable to withstand the stress that the ring is likely to go through.
• Comfort in wearing - Once again, the aspect of constant wear comes to the mind. The wedding band must be comfortable to wear, and this is perhaps the most important factor for those who are not used to wearing it. Try out different sizes of bands with varying thicknesses to ascertain the one that you are most comfortable with. Decide on the shape and design by keeping an eye on comfort.
• Design – The appeal of men's wedding bands diamond is in its design. The constant wear aspect once again drives the design of the ring, and it must add to your comfort. How much stressful exposure the bands are likely to experience is another aspect that affects the design.

Tungsten bands

The diamond wedding bands that we offer at Men's Wedding Bands are tungsten wedding bands that have diamonds set on it. The choice of tungsten is related to the economics of diamond wedding bands. Diamond is very costly and using another precious metal would push the price higher and make it out of bounds for most people. At the same time, tungsten carbide is very hard that ensures the durability of wedding bands. The dark color of tungsten contrasts very well with dazzling diamonds and adds a special appeal to the wedding bands. Considering that diamonds are at the center of attraction in men's wedding bands, it makes good sense to take advantage of the slightly subdued appearance of tungsten that heightens the appeal of diamonds. The rustic charm of tungsten matches with the macho image correctly.

Tungsten carbide for jewelry

Tungsten carbide is an industrial metal that finds application in cutting tools. To make it suitable for use in jewelry, you must add a nickel to it to impart properties that make it suitable for making jewelry. We at Men's Wedding Bands use TC.850, which is patented tungsten carbide with the least concentration of nickel that ensures that it is not allergenic. The specialty of this metal is that it retains its luster and polish for a long time. We take pride in the quality of tungsten carbide we use that has earned seven patents because of its scratch resistant properties that enhance its durability and ensures a lifetime luster.

You pay for diamonds only

Considering that tungsten carbide is a very cheap metal, when you buy diamond wedding rings, the cost of tungsten is so insignificant as compared to the cost of diamonds; it would appear as if you are paying for the diamonds only. Indeed, the cost of superior craftsmanship is also a factor to consider. The sparkle of the diamond is the result of the cut that ensures maximum reflection of light from the surface. The better is the cut; more is the sparkle, and higher is the price of diamonds. The weight of diamond is also a factor that affects its cost.

Diamonds come in colors too

Although we are usually acquainted with colorless diamonds and recollect the image of sparkling white diamonds whenever we discuss it, diamonds are also available in different colors. Some rare varieties of diamonds have different color hues and come under the category of fancy diamonds. Since these are very rare, the cost is very high, and it is a collector's item. However, people attach the highest value to colorless diamonds, whose price keeps increasing according to its clarity. Diamonds that do not have any color hues are the ones with least imperfections, have the perfect structure and are chemically pure; hence, it calls for a higher price.

You will surely find the diamond wedding band that you are looking for. We assure you that we will pay back your trust and faith in many ways. All the wedding bands have a lifetime warranty, and it even covers stones that are lost or damaged.


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