Exotic Inlays

Exotic Inlays


Exotic Inlay Wedding Bands for Men

Our Exotic Inlay Ring Gallery is unique in many respects. First and foremost is the fact that each inlay is hand-selected and custom made for you - there are no two rings identical in this entire collection. Each inlay has its own character, its own color and is as individual as the person wearing it! All exotic wood, dinosaur bone, and antler inlay rings in this gallery are specially treated with their own ring armor for added protection and water-proofing.

Custom made exotic-inlay rings are designed and fashioned to last a lifetime. They are exquisite, beautiful, eye-catching collectible bands designed by skilled artisans. Please note - custom created rings within the "M" and "FS" Collections (wedding bands that end in the letter "M" or "FS" do not carry a 30-day money back guarantee in that each piece is handmade for you and has its own unique "one-of-a-kind" characteristic ... Enjoy! 

Rings within the Exotic Inlay Collection take between 2-5 weeks to create.