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Gold Bands

Solid Gold Wedding Bands for Men.

Handcrafted from the Carlo di Sanza© Designer Ring Collection.

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Gold Wedding Bands remain contemporary forever

Men's Wedding Bands is an exclusive online shop for wedding bands for men. We have been selling gold men's wedding bands since 2003 and have the largest collection of wedding bands of different brands and materials under one roof. We completely understand the male outlook and attitude towards wedding bands and provide you with one that will leave you spellbound. For most men, wedding is perhaps the first occasion in life when they think about wearing a fashionable jewelry.

Never before did many of them ever think of wearing a wedding band as a fashion accessory. They feel that it is just a ritualistic item to wear on the grand occasion of marriage and have no or little idea about the available options. We at Men's Wedding Bands firmly believe that once they overcome the initial feelings and have a look at our vast collection of superior designs and varied styles of gold wedding rings, they would find enough reasons to consider the piece of jewelry as a must have fashion accessory.

We expose our customers to the widest variety of wedding bands that they had never known about. Gradually they develop an attraction for wedding bands and begin to look upon it as an essential fashion accessory. When looking at the marvelous display of wedding bands in our range, they become more inquisitive about the varieties of men's gold wedding bands that are available in white gold and rose gold too. Numerous questions keep coming up about the options available in creating the most lovely and attractive wedding band that is well within everybody’s reach.

Men’s wedding bands are more than just accessories. They are a sign of a lifelong commitment. They have to be unique, breathtaking and long lasting just like your relationship. The unique designs from Men’s Wedding Bands signify your love and promises. We aim to create a true emblem for your love. Our diamonds are conflict-free, and the processes we use to craft our unique designs are environmentally friendly too.

Choice of color

Which kind of wedding band would be suitable for you depends on your concept of style and choice of color. If you have a very traditional mindset and have faith in the appearance of gold in bright yellow color, then going for gold wedding bands in its actual color is the only choice. The choice also reflects your preference for warm colors. If you are attracted to cooler hues, then white gold that resembles platinum in its appearance is your choice. Again, if you prefer a variant in warm colors and want to deviate from the traditional yellow shine of gold, then rose gold is a smart option.

However, if you want to use gemstone on the wedding band, then you must consider which metal helps to make gems appear bright and shining and must go for that color of metal. Diamonds look best when set in platinum or white gold.

Consider your style

On our website you will come across a vast collection of men's wedding bands gold. It includes wedding bands made from different grades of gold, 10k, and 14k and the thickness of bands vary between 6 mm to 10 mm. If you want to choose trending wedding rings, then you must have some idea about the style trends that have evolved. Gold rings in traditional yellow color have always been popular except for a brief decline during the 1990s when white gold started to become more popular. White gold is still much popular, but yellow gold has also made a comeback.

If cool and sleek looks with soft color tones are the kind of jewelry that attracts you, then you must choose between white gold and platinum. To move towards warm colors that depict a romantic style, the choice of rose gold will prove quite effective. It is the fastest growing trend in engagement rings today.

We help you to take your own decision

Educating customers is high on our agenda at Men's Wedding Bands because we never want to impose our ideas on customers. We encourage them to take well-informed decisions by maintaining complete transparency. This is the reason that we have an elaborate FAQ page on our website that gives answers to a variety of questions that buyers ask us. Wedding bands are lifetime companions, and we understand how important it is to take the right decision so that the choice of style and design can withstand the test of times.

White Gold – the platinum look alike

The shiny white appearance of platinum has a cool appeal that attracts many people. However, platinum is too expensive, and a cheaper version in the form of White Gold is highly popular for wedding bands. White gold is as pure as traditional gold with the only difference in color. The silver white color is the result of alloying gold with nickel, silver, manganese, zinc and sometimes palladium. The metals added to gold helps to bleach the yellow color to produce the silver like whiteness. Nickel is the most commonly used alloying metal to obtain white gold because it is cheap. To prevent nickel allergies, white gold jewelry that contains nickel is usually rhodium plated. Those who are prone to nickel allergy would do better to use white gold made by using palladium.

Rose Gold – the latest fad

Any gold used for making jewelry contains alloys to make it suitable for creating designs easily. Pure gold 24K is not appropriate for use in jewelry because it is too soft. However, to change the color of gold from yellow to give it a pinkish hue that has a romantic appeal, copper is added to it in desired proportion. To achieve the desired lighter shade, sometimes silver is also added to it. If you prefer darker shades of color, then the alloy must contain more copper and vice versa.

The beauty of weddings bands that you find at Men's Wedding Bands is that these are hand crafted. Each wedding band is like a custom piece that bears the marks of excellence in artisanship. The materials carry a lifetime warranty so that you need not fear about its appearance, as the shine does not fade away. The bands are single piece metals without any joints, and this ensures its longevity without cracking. For the choicest solid gold wedding bands, log on to our website and enjoy shopping at your convenience that gives complete satisfaction and peace of mind.


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