Men’s Wedding Bands - The Perfect Gentleman’s Ring

Men’s Wedding Bands - The Perfect Gentleman’s Ring

The wedding day is one of the most important days in your life. It is the turning point in your life from being a carefree bachelor to a responsible husband. It is also the day when you and your better half are presenting to the world as a couple. Even though the wedding ceremonies would be different for different traditions, but the thing which is common to all the tradition is the exchange of rings between the bride and the groom. The exchange of the ring is in fact the most important moment of every wedding ceremony. It seals the marital bond of the couple.

However, the bride’s wedding ring takes the spotlight more than often. Men’s wedding bands is often not given as importance as the bride’s and it is often the last thing the groom thinks about. Assuming he is not a regular wearer of rings it can be tough to find something that he will wear for years to come. A groom should think long and hard about what wedding band he will put on his finger since it is the only piece of jewelry many men will wear.

The process of selecting the perfect wedding band can prove to be a daunting task for men. Most probably, the men would be wearing a ring for the first time and wouldn’t have a clue what to look for. Also, with all the planning and arrangements of the wedding day, wedding bands would be the last thing on any groom’s mind. However with some research and effort, finding a suitable wedding band for the groom can be made really easy. Also, unlike the olden times, there are many choices for men’s wedding bands just like the bride’s wedding rings. So here are some essentials that every groom should know while choosing the wedding bands.

Tips to choose the right Men’s Wedding Band

1.       Set a budget

Your wedding ring is one of the most important jewelry that you will purchase and most probably the only one. It is a symbol of love that you share with your better half. However, when purchasing a ring you should not be over the head romantic about budget. Men’s wedding bands are available in wide range of prices. There are bands out in there in the market suiting for every budget. So you should first fix a budget and buy a wedding ring suiting that budget.

 2.       Research properly

Selecting the perfect wedding ring cannot be done suddenly. There are plethora of men’s wedding rings in the market in various designs and styles, each having its own special features. So it would be difficult to choose the right ring without any knowledge about it. However the good thing is, unlike olden times you don’t have to walk around to each and every store to know the rings available in the market. Internet has made the process really easier. With the click of a button, you can see and analyze almost all the wedding bands available. Also, purchasing men’s wedding bands online has become very popular. It has many advantages over shopping around in stores. You won’t have to move around from store to store to find the right wedding band. The selection of the rings is also much higher through online than traditional stores. Also, when shopping in stores, you may be influenced by the sales person for buying a particular band, which won’t happen while shopping online. So all in all, by shopping men’s wedding bands online, you can choose the perfect wedding band, within the comforts of your home.

 3.       Your lifestyle

When it comes to choosing the perfect groom’s ring, it is important to consider his lifestyle. If the groom has a labor intensive, hands on, job you will want to choose a metal that is sturdy enough to stand up to repeated abuse without being easily damaged. Your occupation and recreational activities will affect the life of your ring and should be considered when buying your wedding band. Everyday activities can change the shape, color and ultimately the life of what should be a long lasting special band. Chlorine, salt, detergents, chemicals all change how your band will look, from rusting to striping the shine out of a polished band! Here are the rings that may suit to each profession.


  • Electrical and Mechanical

Most men will not wear a ring if working in this industry due to the hazard, but sometimes you forget to take it off! The ideal ring for men in these professions is ceramic wedding band. The main reason is that ceramic rings are non-conductive as they have no metal component.


  • Construction

Soft metal rings will be destroyed within minutes of being worn on a construction site. Tungsten is a scratch proof metal that will withstand just about anything a tradesman can put it through. Also tungsten wedding bands are available in many designs and finishes which makes it an attractive choice.


  • Information Technology

Men working on a computer all day often find titanium the best choice as a wedding band. It is super light weight and industrial in strength. It will not warp or bend out of shape and it is highly scratch resistant. Couple the lightweight element with comfort fit design, titanium rings will be the ideal choice.


  • Sports and Fitness

Titanium again is a fantastic option as a wedding band for men because of the light weight properties. What also makes titanium perfect for men in the sporting and fitness industry is that titanium rings do not react with chlorine, salt water, sweat, detergents and chemicals. Titanium is also highly scratch resistant.

 4.       Your taste and personality

The groom will be wearing his wedding band for years to come, so it is vital that it matches his taste and personality. Many men prefer to wear plain wedding bands. They’re understate and suitable for all occasions. That being said, a simple stone can add a bit of elegance to a groom’s ring without overpowering it. A single diamond or ruby adds a bit of style and class, while keeping the ring suitable for everyday wear. Men with strong outgoing personalities might prefer something with a bit more flash, perhaps some filigree work along the shank or additional highlighting stones. Ultimately, it is a matter of taste, and you should take your time to find the style that best matches your personality.

 5.       Professional Sizing

Professional sizing is a must before buying the ring. No matter how ell its designed and finished, the wedding band will only be comfortable if it fits you perfectly. Even if you think you know your finger size, it’s advisable to get a professional sizing before buying the ring. Most jewelers will size rings for free, so there is no reason whatsoever to skip this step.

 6.       The type of material used

The most essential thing about a wedding band is the type of material used for making the band. Educating yourself about the different metals is extremely important in finding the perfect wedding band.  With a wide range of metals now available, it’s a good idea to know which metals will not only suit your tastes, but also your lifestyle. Precious metals have hundreds of years of tradition behind them, and can be resized, but modern metals like titanium and tungsten are hardier when it comes to everyday life. No one metal is better than all the others, as they all have strengths and weaknesses. Only you can decide which metal is best for you. So here are the metals which are most commonly used for making men’s wedding bands.


  • Silver

The most traditional and longest standing metal used for wedding bans is sterling silver. Silver is a softer metal than gold, titanium, tungsten and platinum and does not have hardness that the other metals do. It is popular for wedding bands as it is very malleable and one of the most inexpensive precious metals. The downside of silver is that it scratches more easily and it will tarnish over time. Silver is also mostly worn occasionally and is not generally recommended for everyday wear over an extended period of time.


  • Gold

Gold is still the most popular choice of metal used for men’s wedding bands due to the increasing value of the ring as well as the fact that gold does not rust. Gold is soft, dense and the most malleable pure metal out there. When using pure gold for wedding bands they offer a very attractive shine and bright color. The things to consider when choosing a gold men’s wedding band is the carat and color to choose. The most common used carats for wedding bands are 9k, 14k and 18k and higher the proportion of gold used the more valuable the ring will be. The most popular colors for a wedding band are yellow gold, followed by white gold and rose gold, though other gold colors like bronze, red and lime gold are sometimes used.


  • Platinum

Platinum’s popularity as men’s wedding bands has increased over the past years due to its high value and its durability. Platinum has a silver-white color, but unlike gold it is used in jewelry in 95% of its pure form. Platinum is a very dense, heavy metal, so a platinum ring will feel heavier than an 18ct gold ring. Not only the weight is twice as big but the price is also significantly more expensive than gold. Platinum rings can often be confused with white gold. To differentiate the rings check the inner band. With platinum you will see a stamp with either Pt950 or 950Plat. A platinum ring with the Pt950 is 950 parts platinum and 50 parts various other metals per 1000.


  • Titanium

Titanium is among the hardest natural metals in the world and titanium wedding bands lasts forever, even when worn daily. The popularity of titanium wedding bands for men is due to this durability, its light weight, low maintenance and the reasonable price. Titanium is normally greyer in color but titanium wedding bands are available in a wide array of colors and designs. Pure titanium is also 100% hypoallergenic and therefore safe for anyone to wear as it will not react to your skin. One factor to consider with titanium is that titanium cannot be soldered, which means that titanium rings cannot normally be resized.


  • Tungsten

Tungsten wedding bands for men have become popular due to its durability and strength. Rings made with this metal are the most scratch resistant in the world and do not bend, making them ideal for any man who works with their hands. Tungsten has a grey-white color, similar to that of white gold or titanium. Tungsten rings also have a permanent polish which makes them look new, bright and shiny. They don’t need to be re-polished, which is another advantage over other metals. Tungsten is less expensive than gold and platinum and is comparable in price to titanium. One problem that some people find with these rings is the weight since it is very heavy and it cannot be resized.


  • Cobalt

Compared to tungsten and titanium, cobalt chrome is one of the newest alternative metals. In its natural state, cobalt has been used to provide a deep blue pigment to jewelry. However, when used in cobalt in men’s wedding bands, the color of cobalt is more similar to that of white gold or platinum. It is one of the lighter metals, yet very strong which makes it high resistant to scratching and wear. Cobalt is very malleable and can be worked into a vast array of unique styles.

Today men’s wedding rings are as important as the bride’s wedding ring. Since its going to be a part of you for the rest of your life, make sure you buy a band which you like and which suits you. Let your wedding ring be as sparkling and wonderful as the love you share with your better half.


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