"Mens Wedding Bands with Exotic Inlays"

"Mens Wedding Bands with Exotic Inlays"

"Mens Wedding Bands with Exotic Inlays"


Everything You Need to Know about Modern Men’s Wedding Bands

Men are known to shrink away from the idea of jewelry too often and prefer to go unadorned. Their common answer is – “It looks too flashy and gaudy.” But, women are more likely to share fascination with fashion, aesthetic belongings, and beauty than a man. Women have always been more upfront in expressing their interest in buying and wearing the trending jewelry items, whereas men have been a bit reluctant and skeptical in this case. And, this has been the major reason why even the big brands have been keeping their focus constrained to women’s jewelry, while men’s jewelry was always thought to be a thing reserved only for those special occasions like weddings, formal events, and the like.

Today, men are becoming more style conscious. And more than ever, jewelry is taking the center stage. Men’s jewelry has now moved beyond the expected, and the boom has opened the doors to unique styling, classic designs, and more options. The choices in jewelry for men are no more limited to cuff links and watches – though they still remain a big part of the selection. From men’s everyday use studs, bracelets, necklaces to mens wedding bands with exotic inlays, the versatility in men’s fashion trends infused interest in men on looking good.   

The much-anticipated growth in the men’s accessories market is now here, and the jewelry is expecting great growth potential. With a widening and stronger customer base, the designers are now creating lines especially for men. Market trend experts see it as a lasting trend and believe that the men’s jewelry business will continue to bloom till consumers keep finding new and exclusive designs to quench their thirst to look nothing but the best. Certainly, times have changed and how!

Modern Men’s Jewelry – At a Glance

Jewelry is worn for personal adornment, and is just another way of adding something to your look. From smart to brilliant? Of course. You can also easily elevate your daily style quotient and add a new, unique, noticeable element to your outfit by incorporating a chain, bracelet, neckpiece, earring, watch, etc. A couple of tastefully selected pieces that complement each other can be all you need to pull off a simple, smart look. Keep your personal style in mind – tops the list, always.

A classic timepiece is an essential from the essentials, and your personal style token. Do not be surprised when someone says he judges a person by the watch he sports. Most people do that. You too. Cufflinks and tie clips also earn some provisional legitimacy by virtue of their functionality, but definitely a jewel to separate out the boys from the men, and sort out the leaders from the followers.

Earrings can perfectly display a man’s bold sense of style. Most men prefer studs over getting their ears pierced. Piercing have been a little less common in general, but largely popular choice in specific sets of the communities. Rocks stars, celebrities, counter-culture followers. Bracelet is the newfound comfort level for men to wear their style on the sleeves. From those heavy ones to leather and silver bands to elastic ones, bracelets have shown a huge potential as a men’s jewelry accessory.

Wedding bands’ market has seen an unexpected hike in recent times. These men’s wedding bands have come up as the most popular piece of fine jewelry, loved by both men and women, partly because they best represent the reason why they are worn. The mens wedding bands with exotic inlays are the new craze into fashion accessories that let them pull off a smart, classy, and stylish look all at the same time. Those non-delicate, masculine rings will always have a special place in every man’s heart. Choices in types and versatility in designs are just too many—wear what works to your advantage!

It’s okay… It’s okay if you are also among those who feel more comfortable in less and find the ostentatious bling-bling distracting and unattractive. When it comes to men and jewelry—minimalism is the key. BUT, do not miss out the basics! A nice watch, a good pair of cuff links, and if married, a simple wedding band, can help any man pull off a sophisticated look.

Men’s Wedding Bands through Ages – A Brief History

The wedding rings or bands have been worn for thousands of years representing commitment and eternal love. The exact origin is unknown, but historians believe the tradition started with the pharaohs of Egypt over 4000 years ago. According to Roman history, the wedding ring or band is worn on the left hand ring finger (fourth finger). It was believed that the vein in the ring finger, referred to as the ‘Vena Amoris’ or the ‘Vein of Love’, was directly connected to the heart. The round, circle shape was believed to be the symbol of eternity – no beginning and no end.

The idea of wedding rings really caught on during the World War II. Wedding rings were only worn by women, but men on war also started wearing wedding rings as a token of love. They were carried as a symbol of eternal commitment and love by men in times when they weren’t sure if they would ever get to see their wives again. It reminded them of their beloved wives back home.

Even today, wedding rings represent a billion dollar sentiment of love, however, with the advent of modern and elegant designs, this sentiment of love became equally capable of showcasing a timeless style statement.

Types of Metal Choices for Wedding Bands

Just like women’s wedding rings, the market is brimming with wide range of metal choices for men’s wedding bands. Commonly used metals include gold, silver, titanium, tungsten, palladium, and platinum. Let’s examine and discuss each metal and its characteristics in brief.


Gold has been the most sought after and prized precious metal throughout the ages. The lustrous glowing splendor backed with its tactile and responsive metal properties make gold an ideal choice for jewelers to create exquisitely designed warm, rich tone wedding bands. The careful choice of alloying metals, to enhance its toughness, can impart other desirable colors to gold. The white or yellow gold are the most popular choice among men. Rose gold is a great alternative to them, and is back in vogue now. It looks flattering on all skin tones, which is the reason why it is preferred by a lot of men over the years. Gold karats, most commonly, used in men’s wedding bands are 10k, 14k, or 18k.


When you are a little tight on budget, silver is the way to go. Due to the high malleability of the metal, it is prone to easy damage and hence, is typically alloyed with copper and nickel to make sterling silver that is 92.5% pure. Sterling silver is very much in demand, and if someone plans to upgrade the wedding band after a couple of years (people do that!), it will definitely make a great choice. However, being more prone to oxidization, chances are the silver will turn black. For this reason, silver is more popular as a dress jewelry that is worn occasionally, and relatively less as a wedding band.


Often called the queen of all metals, platinum – pure, rare, and eternal – will outlast and makes a tough wedding band material. Very dense and heavy, platinum is used 90-95% pure in jewelry unlike gold. Being a white metal, platinum wedding bands can closely resemble white-gold bands in their beauty. However, it is more expensive and extremely long wearing relative to gold. Also, the strength of platinum makes this metal a perfect choice to hold precious gemstones in a secured manner.


Palladium is a member of the platinum group metals, and is naturally white like platinum. For those who want to adorn a rich platinum look at a more affordable price, palladium wedding bands are an ideal pick. Another user-friendly property of palladium metal is that it is nickel-free and 100% hypoallergenic, unlike white gold wedding bands. This extremely rare metal is incredibly durable and virtually tarnish-proof. These bands will stay white forever, unlike white gold, which tends to show a tint of yellow over time. However, palladium wedding bands may show scratches and other signs of wear a bit sooner than gold ones.


One of the most popular alternative metals, tungsten comes in black, gray, and even white color. Tungsten carbide alloys are completely immune to scratches, unlike other alloys that scratch too easily, making them a great option for men’s wedding bands, especially those who work with their hands. A common myth that prevails in the metal jewelry industry is that it gets difficult to remove during an emergency. But it can be removed using regular jewelry removal tools, in the event of any emergency. The affordability of tungsten makes it a much preferred choice for budget-conscious buyers.


Backed with lightweight feel and exceptional durability, titanium is an alternative metal with a silver-greyish-white color. Boasting a strength three times as strong as steel, pure titanium wedding bands are the perfect choice for those with sensitive skin type. Titanium and tungsten are the most common choice of the contemporary men for making modern mens wedding bands with exotic inlays, as they are considerably harder than precious metals like gold and platinum. Resizing titanium bands can be some problem as it cannot be soldered. However, in the event of an emergency, titanium bands can be cutoff.

Make the Big Decision Easy – Simple Rules on How to Choose Your Wedding Band

The world of men’s wedding bands is all about choices today, unlike twenty years ago when buying a men’s wedding band was synonymous to choosing the right size. As the men’s jewelry market continues to upsurge, the market trend analysis experts are expecting it to be as exciting as that of women in the upcoming years. However, interestingly, for men and their future spouses, choosing the wedding band has been a little daunting over any the other jewelry type, such as a neckpiece, bracelet, earring, or anything else. The seemingly endless range of options, topped with foreign jewelry terminology, can overwhelm any man in making the choice. On top of that, the final choice would require an approval from the to-be wife too. Troublesome, isn’t it?

Most men would realize that they are clueless about the number of options and wide varieties available when it actually comes to making a choice. A wedding band is something the man is going to wear every day for the rest of his life. While they would give a ton of thought to select the most gorgeous wedding ring for their fiancé – they mostly remain clueless, and tend to act too casual, when it comes to choosing their own wedding band. We are going to make it easier for all those confused souls, so that they can make a better and informed choice when it rolls down to selecting their wedding band – symbolic of their love, commitment and an everlasting relationship!

A Wedding Band that is Lifestyle-Appropriate

What’s the point of buying an expensive, attractive band if it doesn’t feel comfortable or if he has to remove it often! A man’s lifestyle has a lot to do with the durability of the band he should pick. Considering the type of work or hobbies he does on a regular basis, it is important to ensure the band withstands the daily wear and tear involved. If the man is involved in heavy manual work and still wants to wear the ring all the time, a durable wedding band is what the couple should look for. Durable metal choices may include lower-karat gold, platinum, titanium, palladium, tungsten, ceramic, and more. The ring weight and affordability are other worthy considerations that the wedding couple would like to contemplate on while making the choice. If the work does not involve tough or labor extensive work conditions, anything from the higher-karat gold to silver and even those studded with precious stones will not be a problem.

A Wedding Band that is Personality-Matched

Every man’s wedding band must reflect his personality preferences. The best pick would be a wedding band that could share the same adjectives as for the groom’s personality. A simple, traditional groom would always prefer a plain, classic gold or silver band, while if the groom tends to be more inclined towards class and fashion; he would definitely want to check out mens wedding rings with exotic inlays. These rings exude an exciting, bolder, and more unique look. A shy, reserved man would be more pleased with diamonds and other stones stubbed to a plain gold band. Some modern men may be interested in innovative options like two-tone bands, or a textured or woven pattern wedding band. The unique colors and stones can also be used to highlight aspects of the groom’s personality. The idea should be to choose a wedding band that draws as much attention from everybody as his personality does.

A Wedding Band that is Comfortable to Wear

There is no excuse for comfort, and when it comes to a wedding band – something a man is going to wear every day – the goal is to choose something that seamlessly becomes a part of you. The band’s design and width are the two factors that greatly define the wear’s comfort. Bands with rounded edges, or those with a gentle curve along the inside edges, will be a more comfortable and stress-free pick over those with sharp or flat edges. When it comes to comfort, it is advisable that men with larger hands or longer fingers should opt for thicker wedding bands while men with relatively smaller hands or shorter fingers would feel more comfortable with slimmer bands. The correct sizing and perfect fit of the wedding band are as crucial as the comfort. In fact, a professionally sized band automatically assures part of the comfort you look for! Imagine having to resize a pricey titanium mens wedding band with exotic inlayscertainly an expensive affair, or for that matter a band with personalized engraving. All ruined!

Top Men’s Wedding Band Trends for 2016

For those men who feel wearing a wedding band is not masculine, here are some of the most amazing wedding band trends for men as they hunt for their perfect band. Something that will make any man feel manlier while keeping the style-quotient sky high! Check out the list of the best wedding bands for men to add shine and personalized style on the wedding day:

Low Domed Wedding Bands

The low domed bands are back in vogue! The domed appearance creates a soft profile, and with a rounded interior, it sits closer to the finger. If a man is looking to capture the classic appeal in a subtle manner, the low domed wedding band might be the perfect pick. Just choose the desired metal – yellow gold, platinum, or even rose gold – and the groom is ready to flaunt that distinctive, modest look.

Exotic Inlay Wedding Bands

The mens wedding bands with exotic inlays are trending like never before in the wedding ring market. Wedding bands in titanium and tungsten are accented with exotic antler, black ceramic, carbon fiber, diamonds, dinosaur bone, meteorite, mineral, M3 stealth, or wood inlays to create unique designs that are sure to get the groom noticed. The edgy inlays exude a really cool and unique look with a story to tell…

Rose Gold Wedding Bands

Unique and stylish, yet classic, the rose gold men’s wedding bands is a great alternative to the standard white and yellow gold. Increasingly popular, rose gold creates a unique vintage effect with its gorgeous rosy/champagne hue. The warm, rose color comes from the copper element in the typical formula used for creating rose gold (75% gold and 25% copper).

“White-Hot” Platinum Wedding Bands

Looking for a wedding band that assures toughness? If price tag isn’t an issue, the white platinum metal might be the wedding band could not resist choosing. Platinum is among the strongest and rarest elements, used for making jewelry, in the earth’s crust. Platinum bands are available in myriad textures, shapes, and sizes, and thus one of the best-selling wedding bands for men. This white metal is hypoallergenic and keeps away any kind of skin reactions.

Beveled Edge Wedding Bands

Beveled Edge Wedding Bands make a wonderful twist to those traditional, straight-edges wedding bands. A man who is looking for a contemporary look and masculine flair in his wedding band might find these extremely amusing. They have a light-catching angled edge with a smooth, brushed center. As per the personal preferences, these beveled edge bands can be made available in a wide range of materials.

Mixed Metal Wedding Bands

Mixed metal wedding bands are a booming trend in the jewelry world. Mixing metals is more popular than ever, thanks to the myriad of style possibilities they offer. Whether he chooses the controversial white gold with yellow gold mix, or simply platinum with rose gold, the unique style and versatility of these highly sought, multi-colored wedding bands make each ring a piece of art.

Dark Colored Wedding Bands

The modern and active lifestyle has pushed men away from conventional choices like yellow or white gold, silver, etc. The darker shades are going places where black has in the clothing category. From charcoal gray to black color, the contemporary grooms are showing great interest in darker colored rings. Less of drama (oxidization) and more of style, the dark finish wedding bands showcase a really classy look. With everything going to the dark side, the darker titanium and tungsten wedding bands accented with black diamonds, black sapphires, or black spinels only accentuate the appeal.

Final Thoughts

Today, couples have more choices when choosing the wedding bands than any time in history. It is important to carefully analyze and think about certain aspects, like your lifestyle as well as your personal style statement. Do not get swayed away in emotion to the lustrous appearance but contemplate upon the available material options to make your wedding band a forever thing…

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