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Platinum Bands

Platinum Wedding Bands

If you are searching for world’s most precious metal you might consider a platinum wedding ring from the Carlo di Sanza© Designer Ring Collection®. Platinum, like gold wedding bands, are sturdy, lustrous, and brilliantly eye-catching, making them a high-demand, premium wedding band. All rings within this collection carry a lifetime warranty and lifetime sizing.

All custom rings in the Carlo di Sanza© Designer Ring Collection® are "made to order" by hand.


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Platinum wedding bands – The numero uno in men’s accessories

At Men's Wedding Bands, the online jewelry store that caters to men only, we ensure that every customer gets the ring of their choice. We have a vast collection of platinum wedding bands made from the most precious and expensive metal on earth used for making jewelry. We offer our customers the most modern styles of platinum men's wedding bands while adhering to the classical appeal of the most prized metal. We are confident that the price you pay and the quality that you get will leave you completely happy and satisfied.

Platinum is the most suited metal to uphold the brilliance and sparkle of diamonds that look stunning against the white base. The beautiful charm of platinum rings is so unique that you find it hard not to fall in love with it. Choose a style that remains relevant and appealing even after many decades.

Holding hands with customers

The team at Men's Wedding Bands is aware of how much daunting it can be for men to choose wedding bands. For many, it is the first experience in buying men’s jewelry. To help customers go through the process of selection with confidence, we have created a vast collection of wedding ring designs that can cater to every unique style that you can think of. All the wedding bands we present are custom designed and handcrafted that gives more options to buyers. The options are increasing every day as new metals make its entry into the world of men's platinum wedding bands. For those who want to try out something new, titanium, tungsten, cobalt and palladium wedding bands are also available. Ceramic, wooden and stainless bands have also cut. To make things easy, customers can go through the ring-buying guide on our website.

Factors that drive the choice of wedding bands

Besides the base metal, which is indeed the most important factor in the selection of wedding bands, there are some other factors to consider.
• Profile – How the ring would look when held vertically and viewed from one side (edge), determines its profile. The edge may be completely rounded or partially rounded, and even it can be flat, depending on what the buyer prefers. It finally boils down to the style statement of the purchaser.
• Width – The width is also a part of the style and what suits you depends on the kind of style you like. If sleek and smart designs appeal to you, the width of the ring will naturally be less, but if you prefer a bold and dominating look, then wider rings would be more appealing. While the average width of men's wedding bands platinum varies between 5 mm and 6.5 mm, sleeker designs in 3 mm diameter are also available.
• Finish- The texture of the ring surface relates to its finish. How the ring would look depends on the texture of the surface, which can be shining or matte depending on what buyers like. If the design is very sleek, you may like it to shine brightly so that it dazzles. For models with the wider surface area, a slightly suppressed shine with plain and smooth surface seems befitting.
• Detailing – For adding more variety to the plain wedding bands, you can add more details to it by using gemstones, providing borders of some other metals, do some engraving or grooving and use special inlays of carbon, wood or other materials.

Platinum rings last a lifetime

While you might debate about the style of wedding bands that last through ages, there must not be any doubt about selecting platinum to outlive your expectations of longevity. Platinum is the hardest jewelry metal, and despite constant use, it retains its shape, appearance, and shine by withstanding the stresses it has to encounter. Over a period a period, platinum wedding bands develop a lustrous patina that adds to its beauty.

Unless the metal contains 95 percent platinum, it is not considered platinum. Pure platinum or Pt 950 is very rare, thus expensive and to make the metal more affordable, jewelers are now offering a new variant of the metal that closely resembles platinum. Known as 585 Platinum, it consists of 58.5% platinum while the remaining part consists of cobalt and copper. Platinum is the heaviest of all jewelry metals and is ideal for setting diamonds on it. Platinum does not cause any allergies, hence most suited for humans.

Design options that lower cost

At Men's Wedding Bands, it is our motto to offer affordable platinum wedding bands so that every man can fulfill his dream of possessing the most desired piece of a band of marriage. You can get in touch with us for better guidance in the selection, and we can show you the way. Instead of opting for all platinum wedding bands, the right idea is to combine platinum with some other metal to lower the cost. A design comprising of the white gold band with platinum borders or a gold band with platinum inlay can be affordable choices.

Quality is supreme

The wedding bands that we sell are of excellent quality, which is the result of our continuous and uncompromising efforts in maintaining it. We strive to achieve the best and offer our customers nothing less than the best. All the platinum wedding bands on offer are handcrafted, free from any kinds of imperfections and come with a lifetime warranty that assures superb craftsmanship and superior design. All our platinum wedding bands carry the insignia Pt 950 which is the hallmark of quality. All rings are single pieces of metal without any joints that enhance its longevity.

For the finest handcrafted wedding bands, take a look at our products, and we are sure that you will find the wedding band that perfectly suits your taste, style, and budget. We are ready to answer all your queries and guide you through the selection process that enables right selection. We take pride in the long list of satisfied customers who have reposed their faith in us by coming back to us time and again and it will be our pleasure to have you with us.


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