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Titanium Bands

Titanium Wedding Bands for Men

We have chosen to carry exclusively Titanium wedding bands that are 99% pure Titanium and are an inspired combination of artistry and innovative engineering with the most exciting contemporary metal of the decade. Titanium is corrosion resistance and has an extremely high strength-to-weight ratio making it as strong as some steels but 45% lighter in weight.

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Titanium men’s wedding bands are taking over the world

Titanium jewelry is the celebrity of Avant-garde jewelry design. Titanium Men's Wedding Bands have made their presence felt in the wedding jewelry circuit for the last couple of years. Due to its pocket-friendly nature, titanium wedding bands are catching up with the mainstream yellow gold and platinum wedding rings. The jewelry savvy crowd is going gaga over titanium wedding band design due to their sheer variety and suave nature.

Men prefer titanium wedding bands to gold and platinum wedding jewelry. The metal may not be unique, but they are certainly in high demand. They are huge in the contemporary ring segment alongside tungsten, ceramic and cobalt rings. Their reasonable price makes them instantly agreeable with the young crowd. Titanium is indeed cheaper than tungsten and cobalt. At the same time, their high resistance makes them amicable towards permanent and intricate designs.

How can you make your titanium wedding band unique?

Choosing an inlay design from a catalog is not enough to make your wedding ring one in a million. You need to add your signature. You can choose your partner's fingerprint as an inlay design. You can pick your birthstone as a gem setting or your partner’s signature as patterns. Wood inlays are quite popular too. Selecting a wood inlay is a smart move since each one is different from the other. They add a hipster factor to your traditional ring design.

Is wood inlay suitable for a wedding ring?

Inlays are the secret pleasures of any titanium wedding band design. 8 out of 10 inlay designs may have wood, but each wood design can be different from the other. You can choose from a variety of wood inlay patterns to make your ring unique.

Specialized woods are famous for adding uniqueness. Green box elder wood add an almost magical touch to a regular titanium wedding ring. Check out black ceramic and bloodwood inlays for a taste of the suave and the affordable. Teak wood inlays and leopard wood inlays are famous for their tenacity. They will last you as long as the titanium in the body.

Most good jewelry stores add a resin to make their wood inlay waterproof. They do not need much maintenance. Although not indestructible, wood inlays are durable. You can wash these rings and wear them on a daily basis. If you want something rather exotic, go for the black ceramic and blue BEB wood inlay on Men's titanium wedding bands.

Precious metal inlays add a traditional charm to contemporary ring designs

Most silver inlays are .925 sterling silver. This makes the inlays resistant to scratching. Titanium rings also come with platinum and gold inlays. The platinum is usually PT900 platinum-iridium alloy, and the gold can be 18 karat and above. If you want a rose-gold inlay, you will have to pick 14 karat or 18 karat designs. These are not as pure, but they are cost effective and more durable as compared to 22 karat variants.

Stardust and meteorites: add magic to your wedding

If you want your wedding bands to be truly unique in style and design, pick a meteorite inlay. Meteorite men’s wedding bands are always one of a kind. The texture is different from all metals and precious gemstones you have ever seen. The otherworldly beauty of meteorite is truly fit for a unique person and a unique relationship. Stardust designs and gemstone meteorite varieties are all part of the meteorite men’s wedding band collection. A combination of meteorite, precious metal, crushed gemstones, and titanium is outstanding. The manual input in the creative process makes sure that each design remains exclusive.

The magic of Mokume Gane inlays adds a touch of uniqueness to your wedding bands

Mokume Gane is another name in the world of jewelry design that is creating a stir. You can choose sheath inlays for any Men's Wedding Bands titanium models. This is a mix of different metals under controlled environments. When the metals solidify, you can see the different patterns that form. Blue bronze and white are the most popular design, followed by Lapis Mokume and Black-Gold inlays. Since no one can control how the metals solidify, no one can predict or recreate the patterns in the sheath inlay wedding bands. This allows you to pick a modern wedding band design, with a touch of gold, silver or platinum. There is some traditional element in all the Mokume Gane wedding band designs for all modern men.

Other inlay designs you can choose

Brushed inlay

This is one of our personal favorites. The brushed effects create an understated appeal. The brushed inlay can be on bronze, cobalt or meteorite. You can also go for a brushed inlay on rose gold. It looks rather lucrative on a 14 karat rose gold inlay design.

Hammered designs

If you handle much heavy machinery during work, you may want to go for a design that leaves room for scratches and scruffs. Hammered patterns look beautiful in rose gold, sterling silver, and gold designs. Choose an inlay that goes well with your skin tone and your wedding suit. Do not discount your partner’s wedding ring design while picking yours. The hammered patterns can work with most precious and semi-precious metals. It is any working man's best friend.

Micro textured inlays

The micro texture is a new trend in jewelry design. You can choose from a range of precious metals and semi-precious metals for creating such micro-texture patterns in your wedding jewelry. Titanium rings look incredibly suave with platinum micro textured inlays. If you have a high profile job, that demands an understated elegance, go for a platinum inlay on a titanium ring. Gold looks good too, but it is comparatively more exuberant than the platinum inlays. Both platinum and titanium are highly resistant to corrosion. This makes them ideal partners for your life’s journey.

Durable aircraft grade titanium is great for substituting precious metals in wedding jewelry. Titanium designs can be breathtaking as well. Engraving a titanium ring can be difficult since it is incredibly hard. You may have to talk to your jeweler in advance, in case you want something personal engraved inside your titanium masterpiece.


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