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Tungsten Bands

Tungsten Carbide Wedding Bands For Men


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How are tungsten wedding bands becoming the favorite of wedding parties?

Tungsten wedding bands are trending and hot right now. Men and women are going crazy for the astounding variety of designs and styles of these wedding bands. So, be it your wedding or your best friend's wedding, get ready to shop for the latest styles within your budget. These Men's tungsten wedding bands are amicable towards personalization. You may want your SO’s fingerprint on it or your lucky birthstone. Adding personal touches are no longer impossible on wedding rings, thanks to the affordable nature of tungsten.

Why is tungsten simply the best?

Metal tungsten is not hard enough. That is why most smart jewelers use tungsten carbide for their wedding band designs. These rings will last you longer than any other metal wedding bands. Experts often cite tungsten bands as the symbol of true modern love since they have a long lifespan. Even if you like to swim, fish, box or lift weights on a regular basis, tungsten wedding bands will see you through all physical activities. People who work with heavy machinery often shy away from spending a lot on wedding bands. Gold, platinum and sterling silver accumulate many scratches if worn on a regular basis. The surface of tungsten carbide is tough. This makes it very difficult to scruff this metal during daily activities. In fact, in the case of hiking accidents or workshop mishaps, people have thanked tungsten carbide rings for saving their fingers from damage.

You can never lose when you have tungsten on your team

Buying tungsten Men's Wedding Bands is a win-win. Not only will the band look and feel premium like platinum in your hands, but it will also cost you lesser than a pure silver wedding ring. You get the look and longevity of platinum, at a fraction of the price. They are graciously priced. You can find tasteful designs that cost significantly lesser than platinum, but more than titanium.

The biggest advantage of choosing tungsten is its design variation. There are hundreds of inlay patterns, materials, and minerals you can opt to keep your wedding band unique. Adding an element of personalization is easy with the new range of wedding band designs. Elder wood, bloodwood, green box elder wood, blue box elder wood and tulip wood inlays are gradually making it to the mainstream jewelry market as well. Inlay work is quite intricate since it is a tough metal. Its durability depends on its hard nature, which contributes to tungsten's slightly higher pricing.

Black tungsten is a statement maker

Black tungsten wedding bands are suave, have a strong personality and are ideal for professionals who like to stay in formals most of the times. The slim black bands go perfectly well with tailored suits and a minimal wristwatch. They do not add any unnecessary bling to your attire. Many married men are scared of wearing their gold or silver wedding bands because they are too blingy. You will never have to worry about looking over the top for any of your formal clients meets if you choose a classic black matte brushed tungsten wedding band. Adding a single diamond to the brushed matte black design is perfect for adventurous souls who love to mix fun and work. If you want to explore design possibilities, consider inlaying black brushed metal tungsten rings with red opal gemstones. Other options include green opal and blue lazuli inlays.

Matte magic: gray tungsten

Gray tungsten is what every millennial need as a part of his daily wardrobe. These designs are striking, minimal and smooth. These unique Men's Wedding Bands tungsten is 8mm thick at an average. Their excessively matte finish, adds an extra touch of gravitas to the entire finish. Inlaying these with any other mineral or metal is simply overkill. You can pick a matte wood inlay in a warm tone to add some variance to the design. Although these designs are still in the developmental stage, you can add your personal touch before you slip it on. Check out the latest design at http://www.mensweddingbands.com/8-mm-unique-men's-wedding-bands-in-gray-tungsten-m107gc/ a heavily discounted price.

Three cheers for the groom-to-be

Whiskey barrel inlays, deer antler inlays, and meteorite inlays are also not unheard of for tungsten bands. The W182M is an authentic whiskey barrel inlay that closely follows the blueprints of JD870M and W136M. Tungsten and Blue BE wood combine to create one of the most stunning sites of modern fine jewelry. This pocket-friendly design is both unique and beautiful for any personality. Off late, even women are looking for such designs on tungsten before saying their vows. Check out the latest designs and styles of fusion minerals, fibers, and metals at the official Men's Wedding Bands website.

Say, “yes” to diamonds and more

Setting a gemstone is a good idea too. Since tungsten is quite strong, it can easily hold a one karat stone in place. You can easily try larger stones. You can even get insurance for a real precious stone set on tungsten, whereas it is much difficult to get insurance on a 1-karat diamond on 20-karat silver. Check out our ready to wed; actual diamond wedding rings designs. The diamond tungsten designs are opulent in their way. From grid works to brushed metal designs; you can have a go at the latest works from the best fine jewelry experts at Men's Wedding Bands.

A touch of the classic

Over the years, many fashion trends have come and gone, diamonds have held their place in the marriage circle. Genuine diamond tungsten carbide rings can beat any platinum and gold design. Tungsten rings are matte, white and pristine. The setting of a line of diamonds on the ring gives it a resplendent beauty that no other wedding ring can replace. Since tungsten is quite pocket-friendly, you can easily invest in high quality, larger diamonds that will add value to your wedding jewelry piece. Black Diamonds on black matte tungsten may not be a classic, but they are an art form that defines a free spirit with a taste for exploration.

Tungsten is skin-friendly too. Good jewelers do not use nickel while forging jewelry; this keeps skin allergies at bay. Tungsten is hypoallergenic, and this means, you have no excuse to keep your ring off after your vows!


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