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Titanium and wood are ruling the wedding ring market

Titanium and wood wedding bands for men combine the natural elegance of wood with the durability of titanium. If you feel drawn to the undeniable beauty of wood and titanium rings, you may want to consider natural wood inlays before you think about engineered wood or reclaimed materials. The most famous Wood Men's Wedding Bands feature wood burls that are ideal for your understated style statement.

Which ring should you get?

Titanium and bloodwood rings are perfect for the pleasant yet boisterous personality. It is the perfect way to add some fun to your wedding plans. Since titanium and wood are quite pocket-friendly, you can save quite a bit for other fanfares. The Kingwood and black ebony inlay on titanium is ideal for all groom-to-be’s. Check this one out on the All Wedding Bands official website.

The wood sleeve and knife-edge titanium design in KE940M is elegant, unique and subtle. The inlay work is quite brilliantly hidden from the public eye. Outside, it is simple and smooth titanium. The inside is polished wood coated in a resin to make it sweat and water-resistant. The Ironwood/Burl wood sleeve and titanium design in WS034M is quite similar in its understated opulence. Wenge wood creates a complex and mysterious aura for any ring. The inlay design to the edge keeps a charm only perceivable to the wearer.

Complete wooden wedding bands are also there. However, they are not such a great idea if you use much heavy machinery. Sandblasted titanium with a wooden inlay is an excellent idea if you are a workaholic. Sandblasted titanium is resistant to wear and tear. You can focus on your work without worrying about scuffs and scratches. The naturally matte finish gives this ring quite the grunge-inspired look. Irrespective of your profession, you will look dashing with one of this on your ring finger. Matte finish titanium rings usually look good with naturally dark and cold tones. Bloodwood and Ironwood should be your target natural fibers if you are thinking of getting yourself a matter finish set of wedding bands. Check out a mélange of matte finish wedding rings at All Wedding Bands.

What’s in right now?

Reverse rings are gaining popularity quite fast. These rings are leopardwood on the outside and titanium on the inside. The thickness of wood and titanium usually varies as per preference. The standard models are similar to the L139M 8mm inlay design. The wood on top comes with an epoxy coat. This keeps the wood dry. The wood also gains extra strength from the resin. The resin also contributes scratch resistance to these new-age Men's Wedding Bands wood designs.

Colorful wooden inlays are gaining popularity among the younger wedding jewelry shoppers. These beautifully crafted, multi-hued rings are perfect for all complexions and professions. Earlier, it was impossible to imagine a ring design that was as colorful and vibrant using only natural minerals and fibers. The center inlay of Blue box Elder, Golden Box Elder, Green Box Elder and Purple Box Elder are changing the way jewelry industries look at ring designing.

Pocket-friendly and fashion friendly

Mango wood and milo wood inlays on white carbon fiber-titanium bases are unique in every essence. Unique patterns and designs are of mango wood at the moment. This is a pocket-friendly variety of wood. It is resistant to moisture absorption and decay. The resin on top makes it more weather resistant. Men’s wedding band designs with Mango wood and Milo wood inlays in titanium are perfect for all ages at the All Wedding Bands website.

Add some necessary bling

If you want to add some radiance to your special day, slip on a red opal inlaid band while you say, "I do." The gemstone inlays may be a little heavier on your pocket as common to plain wooden inlays, but the touch of any vibrant gemstone to an otherwise simple wooden inlay will elevate the mood of the entire occasion. You can also add your birthstone to your wooden inlay design. Pick from red opal, blue opal, lapis and pearl inlays for your precious wedding ring. Men's wood wedding bands come with some gemstone inlays. However, a combination of gemstones, wood, and titanium is lesser known. Picking a design like the RR111H or DK200H is one of the finest wedding decisions you will make.

Adding an exotic touch

Exotic wood inlays in titanium add another dimension of design to all wedding jewelry. From vibrant colors like forest green and blood red to somber colors like ebony and darker shades of brown, you will find the entire Pantone in these exotic ring design shades. Picking a ring has never been so flattering before. Dual tones and mixed tones are also possible thanks to the new technologies and the people behind these intelligent designs.

The black ceramic/ box elder wood inlay on titanium is a sight to behold. It is a truly unique wedding band design that the blue box elder wood and mesquite wood inlay designs reflect. Tulipwood is a much recent addition to the titanium wedding band realm. As a result, it provides a much-needed design and texture respite to both the designers and the wearers.

Personalizing to your wedding band

Quirky additions and personalization to these titanium-wood designs are not uncommon either. You can find 8mm rings with a guitar string imposition on a wooden inlay. Whiskey barrel inlays and African Blackwood inlays are unique. They put forth a strong statement that is otherwise impossible to make with traditional gold, silver or platinum wedding bands. Meteorite shavings are the best way to add some stardom to your wedding. The 8mm titanium wedding ring you have chosen can be inlaid with meteorite shavings trapped in Black Box Elder wood to create the complete effect. There is nothing better than a completely customized wedding ring when it comes to unique ring designs.

If you plan on customizing your wedding ring by adding elements like your birthstone or adding a guitar string to signify your love for music, give your jewelry some extra time before the delivery. Titanium is a rather hard and resistant metal. Although this is great if you want to treasure it for a lifetime. It can pose a problem if you want to engrave a quote or add a fingerprint. Visit All Wedding Bands for customizing your wedding ring designs before the big day.


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