Custom Rings

Many customers want to create their own custom ring - a band made precisely to their specifications. All Exotic Inlay rings ending in the letter "M" can be tailored to your needs (featuring exotic woods, dinosaur, meteorite, gold, platinum, palladium, antler/bone). The custom ring creation process entails 4 Steps:

1. Choose one of our Exotic Inlay rings ending in the letter "M" - one that is close to what you want us to create just for you. Here is an example of an Exotic Inlay ending in the letter "M" that can be customized ... SB297M


 SB297M Shown Above

2. Send us an email and include the model # of the ring that comes the closest to what you desire and explain how you want it changed (add 10 kt. Rose Gold instead of 14 kt. Yellow Gold, replace the Titanium with 14 kt. White Gold, increase the width of the ring from 6 mm to 8 mm, remove the antler inlay and add Exotic Sindora hardwood or KOA wood, add Gibeon Meteorite in place of Dinosaur Bone, etc.)

3. Once we receive your email we will forward the changes to our factory for a free quotation - this typically takes 24 hours. 

4. Once we have the price quote we will forward it to you and if you decide to move forward, we will add the ring to our website and you can then complete your order.


Q: Am I charged up front when I begin the custom ring process? No. This is a free service - if you decide to move ahead with the design you have selected you may then place your order (see refund policy below).

Q: What is the lead time once I have selected the design and ordered my custom ring? Typically 4-6 weeks.

Q: Will I still receive the J095C sizing ring in silver or black tungsten to ensure the size I have ordered is correct? Yes.

Q: Is this sizing ring mine to keep or do I return it? It is yours to keep.

Q: What if the sizing ring does not fit - do you ever send additional sizing rings and what is the cost to do so? We will send as many sizing rings as needed to make sure of your correct size - you keep the one that fits best and return the other(s) to us.

Q: If I decide to move forward after having received the quotation and the sizing ring - is it too late to cancel the process? As long as the custom ring has not been ordered with our factory (and remember that you give us the final approval before we place the order), we can modify your specifications or cancel the order.

Q: Do I receive a warranty with my custom ring? Yes, manufacturing defects are covered for a full year and after that, custom rings can be refurbished for a nominal fee.

Q: Do I receive proof that my custom ring is made with genuine products (such as meteorite or exotic wood)? Yes, each custom ring comes with a signed certificate of authenticity - we recommend you save this certificate in a safe place. 

Q: How is my custom ring shipped to me and how am I protected against loss during shipment? We typically use USPS "Signature Required" for you protection.

If you have additional questions please call 801-755-1661 or email

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