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We are a Utah based company and we sell only authentic meteorite wedding bands. Please view the images below to see the difference between "real" meteorite and "fake" meteorite. Questions? Please call us at 801-755-1661.

The elegant H119M featured above is one of our most popular styles in the Meteorite Collection. We specialize in authentic Meteorite Bands ... at once an eye-catching conversation piece and each one is custom made by hand to order. Meteorite has a higher market value than 14 Kt Gold making your luxurious creation rare, yet sophisticated. Browse through our Meteorite Wedding Band Collections to learn more ... 

Mens Wedding Bands has one of the largest selections of custom wedding bands on the internet featuring precious metals, authentic meteorite, antler, dinosaur bone and wood - each one made by hand. Custom wedding bands are made to order, handcrafted and unique for each customer.

Meteorites are over a billion years old and have survived a journey to Earth from outer space! Originating as a solid piece of debris typically from an asteroid or a comet, a Meteorite ring makes a one-of-a-kind masterpiece - truly eye-catching and stunning.

Most of our custom rings are made from Gibeon Meteorite because of its unique pattern and finish.

In authentic Meteorite rings you will often see Troilite etchings which are dark spots called "Meteorite Fingerprints" (pictured above); these appear randomly among a Meteorite's metal patterns, caused by hurling through space sometimes approaching millions of degrees as they approach the sun! These Troilites are not defects but are signs of authenticity and are a unique aspect of the history and origin of Meteorites.

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