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If You’re Shopping for Men’s Wedding Bands, Consider These Tips for the Best Results


Here’s the good news. You made it through one of the hardest parts. The rest of the journey is pretty much downhill once you’re done choosing the best engagement ring. Don’t get too comfortable just yet though, because picking out the perfect men’s wedding ring will need some thought on your part.

Your wedding ring is going to be the most important ring you ever adorn yourself with after all. This article offers advice on buying the perfect wedding band.

A bit of history

For a long time, the wedding ring has symbolized eternal love for women. It is thought that the reason behind both the Greeks’ and Egyptians’ choice of the “ring finger” was their belief that in it was a vein that linked directly to the heart.

There’s really no way of verifying whether or not they in fact believed that to be the case. Nevertheless, numerous communities over the course of history have adopted this tradition of gifting their brides with wedding rings.

So at what point did diamonds come in? The first diamond engagement ring documented in history was gifted in 1477 by the Archduke of Hammond. Sturdiness and a stunning sparkle were the reason diamonds were chosen. Eternal love found the perfect symbol in the near indestructibility of diamonds.

In contrast, men only began to wear wedding bands in recent history. During the Second World War, men in battle wore wedding bands to serve as a reminder of their wives back at home. In other words, the wedding bands were seen to be a symbol of the soldiers’ commitment while they battled in countries far from home.

In the few decades that followed, wedding bands for men became increasingly popular among civilians and these rings are now a common aspect of contemporary matrimony.

Choosing the metal for men’s wedding rings

Men’s wedding bands are no different from other pieces of jewelry for weddings. A number of options are available with regard to the precious metal used to craft it. Common types include:

  • Stainless steel
  • Titanium
  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • oYellow gold
  • oRose gold
  • oWhite gold

Among these, platinum and white gold are the most common, whereas rose gold has seen a surge in its popularity in recent years. Here are a few things to take note of when choosing a metal from among the ones mentioned above.

  • The most popular among all the above options is white gold. Before selecting white gold, find out whether you are allergic to the nickel that it contains. If this is the case, consider another metal.
  • The most expensive metal among these is platinum, which is super dense and very durable. It may also cause an allergic reaction to a small fraction of the population.
  • Yellow gold is used on what most people have come to know as the classic “yellow gold ring”, which has familiar warmth.
  • Rose gold is becoming increasingly popular. The rose/champagne color it has is as a result of mixing copper and pure gold.

Identifying a ring that matches your lifestyle and your personality

Among the first things to consider when deciding what type of men’s wedding ring to buy is the kind of lifestyle you lead. This includes activities that you frequently engage in. For example, if a large portion of your time is spent working with tools and doing heavy-lifting, you might want to consider getting a wedding band made from some of the sturdier, long-lasting metals.

Tungsten, titanium, palladium, platinum and lower-carat gold wedding bands are the most durable.

In addition to your lifestyle, you also need to factor in your personality when choosing a wedding band. Elegantly simple silver or gold wedding bands may appeal to you if you favor the classics. On the other hand, unique designs and the more contemporary rose gold rings may be a good choice if your fancy yourself leaning toward to the bolder side.

Take your budget into account

How much you’re able and willing to pay will determine your choice of wedding band. The price varies greatly. A titanium band, for example, might cost as little as $100, whereas a platinum ring may go for as much as $2000. What many may consider a mid-range ring may cost about $600.

If you’re not weighed down by the limitations of a small budget, a great choice would be platinum. Otherwise, where the sizable cost of highly rare metals seems too imposing, it is perfectly fine to opt for the more economic choices.

Men’s wedding rings with lower-carat gold are crafted using a larger portion of metal alloys, which makes them inexpensive. Good options include rose gold, white gold and yellow gold of 14 carats. Alternatively, you can buy a palladium wedding band, which is more affordable compared to platinum and white gold.

Matching your wedding band with your spouse’s

Needless to say, your wedding band and that of your spouse should match. Just keep in mind that you need not necessarily match them and you certainly don’t have to buy a ring identical to hers. Options available for getting a ring that complements hers include:

  • Matching the width or size of your rings
  • Matching the engraving or getting engraving that complements that of your spouse
  • Using identical metals, even if the designs are different


While choosing a men’s wedding ring requires you to put a lot of thought into it, the process of picking one out can be fun and exciting. After all, it is a part of the exhilarating wedding experience. The key is to first determine what your budget range is and then do some exploring within it in order to identify a wedding band that reflects your personality and matches your lifestyle.

To get the best result, it is imperative that you work with a professional jeweler, one who not only has many years of experience but also a strong reputation. A good place to start looking for top jewelers is online. With the right jewelers, such as Men’s Wedding Bands , you will have a wide variety to choose from as well as custom design arrangements.

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