Lifetime Warranty


LIFETIME WARRANTY - Buy it once for life!

Our products are designed, handcrafted and created from the finest materials to ensure a lifetime of enjoyment! If you take care of your ring, clean it and treat it with respect it should be the only wedding band you will ever need to purchase. Over time, all rings will show wear, including small scratches – this is to be expected. 


Should your stock ring become defective due to the manufacturing process we will replace your ring for free within the first year. A $29.99 fee will be applied for returns after the first year.


Custom, handmade, exotic inlay wedding bands (Wood/Antler/Meteorite/Dinosaur Bone) have a one-year manufacturer's warranty against defects in workmanship. Also included in the price of your custom wedding band is our extended Lifetime Exotic Inlay Warranty - for a small fee we will cover repairs such as re-applying our patented "ring armor" to wood and antler collection rings and re-etching your meteorite wedding band - for life!

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