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Since 2003

     MensWeddingBands.com - for over 14 years!

1. Mens Wedding Bands has been active on the internet since 2003!

2. One of the internet’s largest selections of premium, name-brand wedding bands.

3. We carry only name brand rings - no knockoffs, no gold plating, no hollow gold rings, and no CZ's - only genuine diamonds.

4. Discounted prices ... Everyday!  And we also have a low price guarantee policy.

5. 100% Secure Shopping with the world’s  #1 rated e-commerce platform (same security and encryption as the big banks use) and with SecurityMetrics (world-class protection for your personal information). 

6. Lifetime warranty on ALL wedding bands (includes loss of diamonds). 

7. 30-Day Return and/or Exchange Policy.

8. Free shipping with Expedited shipping also available.


 mens weddingbands


Please check out our Service Pins and Recognition Awards at J Brandt.com. Mens Ring Store offers a large selection of mens rings at incredible discounts, also available are wedding rings. The World's Finest Quality Tungsten Rings from Triton. Featuring a 30 step finishing process and 7 patents. Mothers rings for the women you love at Daniel's Jewelers. Wedding rings can be purchased just about everywhere but we do offer lifetime warranties. production.

Mens Wedding Bands has been in business for years and years. We have sold to customers in virtually every state in the country and many countries internationally. In all aspects of our interactions with customers we seek to pay attention to their needs and to treat customer as if they were our family. In this respect we hope to earn their business for years into the future not just for one single transaction.

This philosophy has earned us the respect to continue helping customers as if they were our last ones. We have so many customer testimonials that we have not been able to add all of them to our website and they grow daily. Testimonials that praise us not just for the large inventory of mens bands but for the way they feel we treated them and if or when they had a problem they loved the way we responded - fast and with fairness.

This is the way we choose to do business and we wish that all retailers - brick and mortar or online - would choose to conduct themselves accordingly. We even receive calls asking us to help with a broken ring or a problem with a particular wedding bands when we have not even sole theme the band. There are many sellers that simply do not follow the golden rule.

Our intention is to pass this business on to our children and hope that even our grandchildren can work within the fashion ring industry many years from now so we appreciate your business and hope and pray that we can always match your trust in us. If we ever fail in this regard we sincerely hope you will email us at ringsales@live.com or call 801-755-1661 - we will do everything in our power to make sure we have delighted you as our customer.

Another reason we feel that customers can trust our mens wedding bands store is that we try and protect not just their personal data at all times but we also use an encryption system at Big Commerce that is one of the finest in the industry. It is the same type that the big banks use and it is so detailed that we have never had a compromise on our site. We also do not sell or market any personal data that we receive and know that no customer wants ot be compromised with their information that they trusted us with and we would not want this to happen to us either. In fact our system is so tight on the back-end regarding credit cards that our employees are not allowed to take credit card numbers, expiration dates, or security codes over the phone. In this way the customer must enter this sensitive data into the site where it is proteted and noone from our store can access it - this prevents any fraud even on the part of Tayloright LLC. Your protection? We take it very seriously!

In case you have ver wondered, once you secure a product with mens wedding bands.com, or any of the suite of sites owned by Tayloright LLC, all of your information is locked into an encryption system that we cannot access - in that we have chosen to have this sophisticated a process we have passed our Security Metric tests for the past few years and not only have we passed the tests but we have also managed to have out site secured on its own server. We do not use shared servers on this site in that it cannot be as protected as we demand when using shared servers.

Along with these security measures we have also tried to purchase only patented Triton Tungsten Carbide rings with their stunning designs and amazing 30-step finishing process - unheard of with other Chinese companies that make knock-offs. Even though Triton has outsourced some of their rings to China for production - this does not mean that they have compromised on their quality at any step along the way of production. They still insist on their proprietary 30-step finishing process - maybe that is why so few of their rings are damaged or have warranty issues. Triton offers a lifetime warranty on their contemporary metal rings and one of the reasons is the way they have chosen to manufacture them - right from day one.


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