All Stock Rings include a 30-Day Return/Refund Policy, Lifetime Warranty, and Lifetime Sizing!


Stock Bands.

- Stock bands ship within 1-2 days and USPS shipping is free.

- Stock bands have a 30-day return policy (refund or exchange).

- Stock bands carry a lifetime warranty and lifetime sizing. 

- Stock bands can be engraved on the inside of the ring for an additional charge. Once engraved, for a small fee they can be returned for a different size or style but not returned for a refund. Most engraved rings are processed and shipped within 24 hours of order date.

- Diamond Stock Bands are "i" color (white), with clarity of i1-i2 (clear to the eye and color/clarity matched).


Custom Bands.

- Custom bands are made to order and typically take from 2-7 weeks to handcraft - USPS shipping is free.

- Custom Bands carry a 1-year warranty.

- Custom Bands are one-of-a-kind masterpieces and unique in color, texture, and appearance.

- Custom Bands, because they are made to order for each customer, cannot be returned for refund.

- Custom Bands with Exotic Inlays come with a Certificate of Authenticity (wood, antler, dinosaur bone and meteorite).



- We are delighted to answer questions that you may have.

- Please call 801-755-1661 or email 

- Prices are USD.


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There might be be other questions that you have - not just those listed above. That is why we answer our direct telephone line 6 days a week from 8 AM until 8 PM every day but Sunday. We also invited you to review the other tabs above which give additional information to our valued customers regarding shipping, online security, online promotions and a host of other topics. Our online store has been on the internet for about 10 years now and we hope to be selling rings and accessories to the fashion-conscious for the next decades to come. We welcome your thoughts and questions and we also respond to emails 6 days a week typically in less than 15 minutes at

Some other queries we have received through the years involve how we handle returns if a ring becomes damaged? What we try to do is receive the defective ring back and then order a new ring in the exact same style. This is not always possible but it usually is in that we discontinue very few styles. If a ring is ever discontinued then we seek to replace the defective one with a similar style or allow our customers to choose one of their liking and pay the difference if it is a more expensive variety. The fees involved are fairly minor - a fraction of the original ring cost - and you receive a brand new ring with a brand new warranty!

The same procedure is utilized when a person needs a ring of a different size - we receive the original ring back to our offices in Utah and then we re-order the same exact style in the correct size. This whole procedure generally takes only 3-4 days before our customers receive a brand new ring in the new size they requested. The factory has certain fees associated with these services that they request that the original sellers collect for these services but again, they are a small fraction of the cost of the ring and in each case the customer receives a brand new ring in the correct size.

We seek to allow customers this same flexability when purchasing their original ring. If they are not totally satisfied ... no problem - we allow them to return it for a refund or if they choose - we allow them to select an entirely different ring from our vast online selection which is what most customers choose to do if they do not like the first ring. When we apply the golden rule - everyone wins. We have a happy customer who sends us more business and the customer is delighted that we helped them find just what they wanted in their mens wedding band.

Another question we are sometimes asked is what do I do if the ring I purchased starts to irritate my finger? We seldom have this happen but each time it has - we suggest that the customer select an entirely different ring frm an entirely different category of material - if they originally chose a tungsten carbide ring we suggest that they pick a titanium or a gold ring and try it for comfort. In every case we have been able to correct the allergy problem with a different material in the ring. Again, the customer is happy because they were satisfied that we cared enough to help them with their issue - that is the way we would want to be treated also.

From time to time a customer may be concerned with the potential issue of a loose stone in their diamond ring or maybe losing a diamond altogether. No problem - lost diamonds are covered under our lifetime warranty.