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MSRP stands for "Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price" and as the name implies it is the retail or selling price established by the maker of the mens wedding band. Most retail stores (called brick and mortar stores) sell products at or near MSRP. Why? Because they have very high overhead due to rent costs, advertising, insurance, employees, signage, etc. At Mens Wedding Bands we have minimal overhead and can therefore sell for substantial discounts off MSRP.

But we know your peace of mind is not earned on price alone - that is why we accept all major credit cards and PayPal, so that you are protected with your online purchase. We also make sure our customers receive 100% security and protection when buying from us online ... that is why we use the world's #1 rated e-commerce platform - Big Commerce. In fact your transaction is protected by the same military-grade security and encryption that the big banks use.

Additionally, we offer a 30-day refund policy if you are not totally satisfied with your purchase. And of course we add in Free Shipping and a lifetime warranty on each ring. Your peace of mind is important to us.


Yes, we engrave on the inside of any ring except those with wood sleeves. Please allow up to 7 days for engraving. (please see "Engraving" tab for more details)

Name Brand Vs. Generic Brand Merchandise:

When we think of Lexus or Mercedes-Benz (Name Brands) we typically think of world-class quality, attention to the finest details including the finest leathers, and world-class engineering. We also know these cars simply cost more upfront because of these factors. Of course we have choices, there are less expensive cars.

Name Brand rings, such as TRITON, and the Tayloright Designer Ring Collection® have similar characteristics to the finest German-engineered automobiles. In fact TRITON has been awarded 7 patents for their 30-step manufacturing process alone. No expense has been spared, no corners cut, no attention to detail left unnoticed with these Premium Name Brands.

There are other less expensive ways to manufacture jewelry and rings, including machine-milled raw materials whereby the entire manufacturing and finishing processes are governed by one thought ... selling cheap. With this "cheap"  goal in mind, the long-term look, durability and integrity of the finished product is compromised. Mens Wedding Bands will not carry "generic" rings regardless of how inexpensive they are because we have a "brand" to maintain as well - our goal is to sell the finest rings in the world ... at heavily discounted prices. We believe that Quality at a discount is a better value than Generic at full price.


Ring Size Exchange and Return Policy:

If you are not satisfied with your ring size, please contact Mens Wedding Bands (see “Contact Us” at the top of this page). We will authorize the exchange and make sure you receive the size you desire. There is a $22.50 fee associated with ring size exchanges which includes costs associated with shipping a brand new ring back to you. Please allow 14 days for ring size returns.

Other than the $22.50 resizing fee mentioned above, there will be no additional restocking fee within the first 30 days of purchase. After 30 days the fee is $39.99.

If the factory has had a price increase on the ring being returned or if the ring is made of a precious metal such as gold or platinum, there could be additional fees involved due to increased costs associated with the ring.

Most of our selections are available in full and half sizes. Please contact us if you need a ring made in 1/4 sizes.

Please note: some bands made with precious metals (gold, platinum and palladium) are best resized at a local jewelry store in that there might be substantial increases in resizing costs associated with precious metals. However, should you need a precious metal ring resized by Tayloright LLC, please contact a member of our sales/service team for assistance and pricing. Rings within the Exotic Inlay "M" and "FS" Series Collection (Titanium and Tungsten Exotic Inlay rings) cannot be resized.


If you are not happy with your ring for whatever reason, return it within 30 days for a free exchange or a refund less any expedited shipping charges.

Custom rings that are "made to order" such as the "Exotic Inlay Collection" (rings ending in "M" or "FS") cannot be returned for a refund.

Lifetime Warranty Policy:

At Mens Wedding Bands, we purchase only rings that are designed, crafted and made from the finest materials to ensure a lifetime of enjoyment! If you take care of your ring, clean it and treat it with respect and do not abuse it, it should be the only wedding band you need to purchase. Over time, all rings will show wear, including small scratches – this is to be expected. 


However, should your ring become defective due to the manufacturing process we will replace your ring for life. Replacements under the lifetime warranty are subject to the manufacturer's proration fees of $39.99 during the first 12 months. Proration fees after 12 months range from $49.99-69.99. This lifetime warranty includes loss of diamonds.

Items dropped and broken, altered or abused are not covered under the warranty or return/exchange policy.

Rings within the "Exotic Inlay Collection" ("M" Series and "FS" Series) carry a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects. Ring Armor can be re-applied at any time for a minimal charge. 

 Diamond Quality.

Every diamond in your ring has been carefully and individually inspected for specific standards of cut, color and clarity. Each stone is precisely graded and matched with other stones where used in the ring.

Gem color is I (Good, White, Fiery) with clarity of i1-i2.


We have over 500 styles of rings with 35 different size combinations which means there are over 20,000 variations for us to process! But we want you to understand that the first thing we do is process your order within 24 hours - always!

Processing entails documenting your order; ordering the ring from the factory so that it can be shipped to us for inspection; quality control for aesthetics and accuracy in sizing; and then arranging for your personal shipment. This process takes time if we are to avoid mistakes with your order - that is why we quote 7-10 days using USPS 1st Class Shipping within the U.S. (please allow additional time when shipping to international countries through customs). We also offer Expedited Priority Mail and Express shipping within the United States and a variety of shipping methods to international countries.

Most rings are shipped "Signature Required". If we are shipping to countries outside the US, Canada or Australia we require payment by PayPal to a "confirmed ship to address".

Please call 801-755-1661 or email for any questions you might have about this option.

Taxes and duties are the responsibility of the international buyer. We cannot be held responsible for delays in shipping due to international customs. Please note - we reserve the right to not ship to some foreign countries.

Prices are USD.


 Thank you,  

Mens Wedding Bands, Since 2003




There might be be other questions that you have - not just those listed above. That is why we answer our direct telephone line 6 days a week from 8 AM until 8 PM every day but Sunday. We also invited you to review the other tabs above which give additional information to our valued customers regarding shipping, online security, online promotions and a host of other topics. Our online store has been on the internet for about 10 years now and we hope to be selling rings and accessories to the fashion-conscious for the next decades to come. We welcome your thoughts and questions and we also respond to emails 6 days a week typically in less than 15 minutes at

Some other queries we have received through the years involve how we handle returns if a ring becomes damaged? What we try to do is receive the defective ring back and then order a new ring in the exact same style. This is not always possible but it usually is in that we discontinue very few styles. If a ring is ever discontinued then we seek to replace the defective one with a similar style or allow our customers to choose one of their liking and pay the difference if it is a more expensive variety. The fees involved are fairly minor - a fraction of the original ring cost - and you receive a brand new ring with a brand new warranty!

The same procedure is utilized when a person needs a ring of a different size - we receive the original ring back to our offices in Utah and then we re-order the same exact style in the correct size. This whole procedure generally takes only 3-4 days before our customers receive a brand new ring in the new size they requested. The factory has certain fees associated with these services that they request that the original sellers collect for these services but again, they are a small fraction of the cost of the ring and in each case the customer receives a brand new ring in the correct size.

We seek to allow customers this same flexability when purchasing their original ring. If they are not totally satisfied ... no problem - we allow them to return it for a refund or if they choose - we allow them to select an entirely different ring from our vast online selection which is what most customers choose to do if they do not like the first ring. When we apply the golden rule - everyone wins. We have a happy customer who sends us more business and the customer is delighted that we helped them find just what they wanted in their mens wedding band.

Another question we are sometimes asked is what do I do if the ring I purchased starts to irritate my finger? We seldom have this happen but each time it has - we suggest that the customer select an entirely different ring frm an entirely different category of material - if they originally chose a tungsten carbide ring we suggest that they pick a titanium or a gold ring and try it for comfort. In every case we have been able to correct the allergy problem with a different material in the ring. Again, the customer is happy because they were satisfied that we cared enough to help them with their issue - that is the way we would want to be treated also.

From time to time a customer may be concerned with the potential issue of a loose stone in their diamond ring or maybe losing a diamond altogether. No problem - lost diamonds are covered under our lifetime warranty.