Mens Diamond Rings

All diamonds in our men's diamond rings have been carefully and individually inspected for specific standards of cut, carat, color and clarity (the 4 C's of diamond quality). Each stone is precisely graded and matched with other stones where used in the ring. Gem color is I (Good, White, Fiery) with clarity of i1-i2.

Although "Cut" refers more to the proportions that the shape; the "Color" is extremely important in that most people can discern color imperfections with the naked eye. That is why all of our diamonds are at least "I" in color meaning they are "near colorless". 

All diamonds on the market range in color from D-Z (Z being light yellow in color) and they are divided into 5 categories of color - all of our mens diamond rings are at least in the 2nd category  - near colorless.

We understand you desire a quality product with high standards in diamond quality - that is why we adhere to the standards listed above. We will not carry inferior diamond products nor will we ever sell synthetic Cubic Zerconia.

If you would like further information about our diamond standards, please contact a member of our sales and customer service department at 801-755-1661.


The 4Cs of Diamonds


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