Finding Joy and Peace on Your Wedding Day

Finding joy and peace on your wedding day

Its seems that finding joy and peace – sprinkled with serenity – on the day of your marriage has become somewhat encumbered these days with the pressures abounding to pull off the once in a lifetime perfect event for the marriage couple, their parents, and a number of well-wishers and close family friends. How in the world can it all be orchestrated as perfectly as we all desire when considering the rings, flowers, invitations, event location, priest, gowns, tuxes, bridesmaids, best-man, gifts, food, decorations … the list goes on. And yet we expect to have it all planned so well that even the slightest details are in place and that it will be a day of absolute peace – a day to be remembered forever. Of course mothers and fathers can be a wonderful source of help and strength for the bride and groom and for those with a substantial budget a wedding planner can help reduce the last minute stress that accompanies so many marriage days.

But let’s get back to the title – finding joy and peace on your marriage day. Is this your goal? How important is this in the grand scheme of things to you? Are there more important aspects of this solemn and blessed day that one might consider? If it IS important – how might one achieve it … at least approach achieving it? A few suggestions.

First, don’t forget the little things that you have learned to do to bring more of a stress-free environment in your life. Exercise? If you are in the habit of exercising, keep on doing it – right up to the day of your marriage. There is something calming about staying with a good habit such as exercise – you might even invite your partner to join you!

Next, remember that when we fail to plan, we plan to fail! An old, worn-out adage I agree, but oh so much truth in such a simple sentence! It pays huge dividends to simply take out a piece of paper of two and mind-map your marriage event. If you have never mind-mapped before it is rather simple yet effective. Start writing down all the things that must be done such as food preparation. Keep writing down as many general things “to do” that you can think of – all over the paper. Try to separate the tasks unless they relate. When you have written down as many general tasks as possible, then start “diagraming” the task. Draw a line off the task and start listing details that must be done for that task. For example if you have written down food preparation then some of your diagram might include caterer, budget, timeline, dessert, main course, color scheme, location, clean up, linens, etc. It is a fun way to organize your thoughts around key tasks. For an illustration of how the mind-mapping exercise might look, please see the diagram below.


One other suggestion. Once you have listed out the things that must be accomplished, prioritize the list because there will be some things that need to be accomplished before you start on the rest. For example, if you are going to buy your fiancé’s rings, it might be wise to have a discussion about what s/he might be like. Let’s say for example you are purchasing the ring for a man. Is he interested in gold and if so white, red, two-tone or yellow gold. How about one of the contemporary  metals such as cobalt, tungsten or titanium? And the size? You don’t want to wait until the last minute to find out the perfect ring falls off his finger only to be lost on the honeymoon!

In conclusion, of all the little things that must be accomplished and admittedly there are many, do your very best to remember DAILY that this event should only happen once in your life. Cherish each day as it approaches. Remember to take joy in the moment. Smell the roses … literally.

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Ronald C. Johnson is the co-founder and owner of Tayloright LLC, a Utah-based corporation. Before founding the Company, Mr. Johnson earned his B.S. degree from Texas Wesleyan University and spent many years as National Director of T-Mobile USA where he co-authored the book titled: Loyal-T, the ABC’s of Creating Loyal Customers. His career has focused on sales, marketing, and training including 6 years with FranklinCovey in a sales and management capacity. He is married with five children, two grandchildren and resides in Washington, Utah.

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