How important is social media to you when purchasing a ring?

First of all - what is "social media"? How would you define it? For most of us it means the community of online sites that allow us to share things like pictures, comments, and feedback. And in many cases it can be anoynmous or you can draw attention to yourslef if desired. So what does this type of site feeback, social commenting, have to do with purchasing anything - even a mens wedding band

In many ways nothing. In some ways - a lot. Just because a site has a robust amount of followers, people commenting and logging on to their website does not mean that the products being sold are of great value nor does it mean they are above standards of quality. On the other hand, a lack of followers might mean that there are few people who value the site or the product of the policies. So how does one know  if these followers - or lack thereof - mean anything? It is quite obvious that the most important thing to do in any decision that involves spending a chuck of cash is to to yoru due dilignece. Does the site have a history of being online? How long have they been selling their products? A few months? A few years? Decades? With mens wedding bands, we have been online now for over 10 years! 10 years online! That means something in today's here today gone tomorrow mentality and reality. 

In addition, it matters what you find out about how competitive the site is with pricing and product selection. Mens Wedding Bands prides itself in having one of the largest selections on the internet and with their $100 Off promotion today - they are pretty competitive!!