How long will the engraving on my ring last?

Occasionally we are asked how long the personalized engraving will last on one of our rings. Most rings are engraved on the inside of the ring so other than the slight wear against the skin there is no friction to damage, scratch or mar the engraving. That being said, it is our opinion that the engraving on the inside of the ring will last as long as the ring.

One thing to consider is also the ytpe of ring beig engraved. Precious metal rings can be engraved on the inside using a standard engraving machine. Contemporary metals like tunsgten, titanium, cobalt and ceramic must be laser engraved using a very expensive laser engraving device - these machines typically cost $25,000 or more.

The engraving is cut or etched into the metal deep enough to last as long as you own the inrg but depending upon the metal used - say a soft gold in 18 kt - these engravings or etchings might dim over time.

One might also consider that if th eetching or engraving became too dim or diminished to recognize clearly - the same type of engraving could be re-done by a professional engraver usually for under $40.00.