Is it going to be a tungsten or a titanium wedding band?

One of the biggest questions we find on our website from customers these days is whether or not they should be purchasing a tungsten carbide wedding band or if they should opt for a titanium band? The reason is that is not only a good question but a hard one to answer is that these two materials are some of the finest in the men's fashion ring category.

Tungsten is bullet-proof. It is almost scratch proof and the shine is the same 10 years later as the day you bought it - what other type of band can say that? It simply looks gorgeous and remains that way through life - one of the reasons why so many tungsten rings carry lifetime warranties.

Almost the same can be said of titanium although it is not so hard it still remains shiny and looks great years later. In fact titanium has the highest weight to strength ration as any other metal from which rings are made in the world!

One differentiating characteristic is weight. The tungsten carbide band is going to be a lot heavier than the titanium band in fact titanium is so light that some people complain that the ring feels like it is not worth the price. For some, they simply hate the heaviness of tungsten and if that is how you feel you might want to consider the newest competitor - titanium!