Marriage - The coming together of two to make one

Marriage – The coming together of two to make one

We could all tied up in politically correct language about unions, marriages, celebrations of the sexes, bound in matrimony, etc. To keep it simple we are talking about 2 people. Two people who choose to get married. We are not speaking about different sex or same sex - we are talking about 2 people who have fallen in love and desire with all their hearts to be one. This union of which we speak is marriage. We are not redefining traditional marriage and we are not taking sides on this volatile issue – we are simply defining terms. Marriage – 2 people forming a union for life (hopefully).

At least in the United States there are a few cultural givens when speaking of marriage. The number “two” (as in two people) is a given in that it is unlawful to have a marriage of more than this number. Another given is that a ring is used in most ceremonies to celebrate and symbolize the union. Ring ceremonies date to the early Roman period where tradition has it that the ring was placed on the third finger because it was in this finger where the “vein of love” was housed and which ran directly to the heart … the symbolism is hard to miss and true or not it speaks to what we hold dear and that which we cherish in marriage vows.

The type of ring has evolved over time with gold being the most common material of choice for centuries. But oh how things change. If you have shopped for a men’s ring lately – you will find as many tungsten and titanium rings as you will gold in most stores and online as well. Add to the mix the upstarts of ceramic and cobalt and we no more have a clear front-runner when selecting a particular type of material for a wedding band. No matter – in today’s fashion world – styles change daily and if you don’t like what you see today, have a good night’s sleep. Chances are tomorrow you will find just what you are looking for!

Lest we get caught up in the outward ordinances, it is wise to remember that the marriage union was and is still meant to last – until death do we part. Hopefully the most important aspect of the union that makes one of two will be unselfish giving between two who have found love. Hopefully both realize that true happiness means ensuring that your partner’s happiness must come first. When this “other first” agenda is kept, there is a good chance that even the strongest storms and tempests in life will not undermine the richness of the relationship that began with the end in mind … till death do we part.