Mens Wedding Bands - The Solid-Gold Ring Specialists

Have you ever wondered what it means when someone advertises that their products are solid gold? Generally speaking a solid gold piece of jewelry means that it is at least 10 kt by content and that it is not "hollow" on the inside. When a manufacturer hollows out a gold ring you can imagine how much gold is saved and therefore the cost to product the ring drops significantly. A buyer needs to beware concerning dishonest sellers of what is portrayed to be solid gold.

What is meant by a pure gold ring? This means that the content of the gold is 24 kt; i.e., there are no alloys in the piece. The problem is that a 24 kt ring is so soft it will bend and eventually break or become so distorted in shape that it cannot be worn. A 10 kt ring is 10 parts gold and 14 parts alloy - making 24 in total. As you might guess, an 18 kt gold band is 18 parts gold and the balance of 6 is made up of an alloy to give the finished product strength.

Fortunately by law a manufacturer must display a "hallmark" on the inside of the product clearly stating the content of the  gold. This was inacted because many were dishonest in what they were selling. If you purchase what is advertised to be a 14 kt gold ring the hallmark of 14 kt will be stamped on the inside of the ring or you cannot be certain that it is actually 14 kt.

Mens Wedding Bands specializes in solid gold bands in 10 kt, 14 kt and 18 kt white and yellwo gold and in many cases we carry what is also called two-tone gold meaning that the ring has a combination of white and yellow gold. If you have questions about the particular weight or dimensions of our solid gold wedding bands please contact a member of our service team at 801-755-1661.