So you think you know what he really wants

So you think you know what he really wants?

Daring. Bold. Eye-catching. Smart. Luxurious. Integrity. Longevity. Enduring. So, these are words you use to describe the men’s wedding band you are purchasing for your fiancé right? Maybe not, but some might find the short list. So what does he really want  in a band that has so much symbolism and emotion? How would you describe the perfect band? Let’s take a look at a few of the monikers above …


How might a wedding band be daring? Solid gold with a touch of two-tone flair? I don’t think so. If you are going daring in today’s marketplace you will more than likely find yourself in the contemporary jewelry department  with materials such as Cobalt, Tungsten and maybe even Titanium. Black Titanium – now that is daring AND bold! With the advent of these contemporary metals over the past decade the man’s look in rings – particularly for marriage vows – has taken a 180 turn from traditional to bold and daring. All you have to do is look online to see hundreds of new styles each year featuring – you guessed it – non-traditional metals such as Cobalt and Tunsgten. And they are for the most part prices right coming it at hundreds of dollars less than the more traditional gold and palladium and silver models!


Another interesting phenomenon about the newest guys on the block – alternative metals – is that they have designs that will knock your socks off. Inlaid with 18 kt White Gold or maybe even a thin line of Carbon Fiber, these beauties inspire even the most conservative man. And diamonds are not lost on contemporary metals either with breath-taking suspension diamond designs to medleys of fire-filled bright white genuine diamonds to complement Tungsten, Cobalt, Stainless and Titanium! Eye-catching? Yeah, they got that right also …


What do we mean when we say enduring? That the style will last a lifetime? That the metal will not be compromised? That the diamonds will last through the Silver anniversary? Maybe all of the above but probably the most appealing and “enduring” quality that alternative or contemporary metals has is the fact that they have become known as the most scratch-resistant of all metals on the current fashion jewelry scene for men (and we might add that women are starting to embrace the contemporary metal phenom as well). Take Tungsten Carbide for example – most commonly referred to as just Tungsten – if you have seen one of these icons after years of use you would never believe it was more than a day old – that it had never been worn! Tungsten is one of the hardest metals on the planet and takes a diamond drill bit to fashion the ring into a masterpiece. And how do men view this property? They stand in line to buy them. Men know that they have more than a passing reputation as the break it, scratch it, abuse it, “make it look old” gender. So when the man in your life finds a Tungsten ring that he likes, try talking him into a more traditional white  gold band – ain’t gonna happen!