What happens if you lose diamond in your brand new men's wedding band

This is a tough question particularly in that there might be some unknowns as to where the ring was purchased, what type of warranty was included with the ring, how the lost diamond came about, and where you happy with the diamond wedding band in the first place. Let's take these questions one at a time


When purchasing a men's wedding band, particularly one with diamonds in it, it would be extremely important to understand warrantee issues return procedures and the reputation of the store in general. Even though in today's mass market economy most retailers that have survived the last downturn have very legitimate and trusted means of helping customers with the problem, it is still beneficial to know what the exact policy would be of the store you purchased from. Even when purchasing online there are certain written warrantees that come with each ring and most of the legitimate online seller these days will follow up and help in any case with the loss diamond.


The next issue is the warranty. It is our recommendation at the warrantee be accompanied in writing and not just a verbal warranty given by the store whether online or in the mall. A written warranty has certain legal rights of you are entitled to and should it be necessary you can also hire legal counsel to help you push the issue through to an acceptable agreement between you and the seller. But as mentioned it is the wisest course of action to make sure that you have the warrantee in writing when purchasing the men's wedding band.


The reason it's important to know how the diamond was losses at the store may ask certain questions about the loss and if you have the diamond insured through your homeowners policy they may assess same question as well. In other words if you lost it while you were out skiing in the water that might be different than if you lost it while you were doing dishes in the house. They will ask question such as did you find the diamond or diamonds or were they lost when you found out that they were missing from your ring. Most insurance companies understand the lost diamond is seldom found because they are small and a person generally does not know when they came out of the setting.


There are some stores including the one that is our favorite to shop at-men's wedding have a policy whereby you can exchange your ring, even if it has lost diamonds, for another ring of your choice with or without diamonds by simply paying a small fee. It might be wise to check into this potential solution particularly if the ring in question was not your favor to begin with.