What is the North Star of your marriage?

What is the North Star of your marriage?

The North Star, real name Polaris, sets above the North Pole and has guided many a lost mariner home when no other method could help. The North Star is a stable and fixed guide to those who know its location. Once found, one can generate a grid to find general directions. To locate the North Star it is easiest to find the Little Dipper – Polaris is located at the end of the handle. Not known as a particularly bright star, it is nevertheless a constant.

Recently, Apple CEO Tim Cook was asked about competing companies and their positioning to take over large market shares in the tech industry – specifically high tech phones, laptops, and tablets. Was he concerned that competitors such as Samsung were offering cool new devices that were gaining rapidly in market share – was he bothered that Apple might not be the cool new company with sought after devices and that might lose volume to competitors such as Samsung. His reply, “Winning has never been about making the most, our north star is always about making the best products. So we always come back to that.”

So to the question stated above – what is the north star of your marriage? What do you come back to when considering the important aspects in your union? If I may share a brief but personal feeling that has stayed with me in my 33 years of marriage … my north star is trust. That is what I keep coming back to. I trust my wife without question. I know that when she says she is going to do something or go somewhere or whatever the case may be that she will do as she says. Perfect? No one is. Reliable and trustworthy – beyond any doubt in my mind. I have asked myself what could possibly be more important that trusting your companion? I cannot think of a word or a feeling that is more important to me than trust.

So that is what I keep coming back to in my marriage. For me – I want to be as trustworthy as she has become in my eyes. I want to make sure that when I am alone or traveling or simply working on a project that the things I do, the things I think about, the things I do would never bring embarrassment or shame to me or my spouse. Trustworthy – a word that is never outdated and has been part of the Scout Law for over a century – this has become my north star.

Might I suggest that we all might benefit from spending a little time thinking about what we keep coming back to in our marriages.

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Ronald C. Johnson is the co-founder and owner of Tayloright LLC, a Utah-based corporation. Before founding the Company, Mr. Johnson earned his B.S. degree from Texas Wesleyan University and spent many years as National Director of T-Mobile USA where he co-authored the book titled: Loyal-T, the ABC’s of Creating Loyal Customers. His career has focused on sales, marketing, and training including 6 years with FranklinCovey in a sales and management capacity. He is married with five children, two grandchildren and resides in Washington, Utah.

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