When do discounts matter when buying a men's ring?

You have all seen them - huge savings today! Hundreds off today! 25% Off today! Do these discounts really matter or does the retailer, whoesaler or online seller have to make a profit and so it is all smoke and mirrors in the end? Does Wal-Mart have it right when they say "everday low prices"?

We have experimented on the Mens Wedding Bands site for years now and it appears the best results come from everyday low prices with no huge reduction in price. It seems to us that customers like to see a good price at the onset so they do not have to do any math - they see the mens ring, they like it, and then they buy it!

Whatever the case might be - customers are savvy, they are smart and for the most part they do their homework. They know a bood buy and good quality when the read about it and see it and research it. That is the nature of online buyers these days - they are not to be duped or trifled with!

So what is the best online discount policy - a fair price with high quality merchandise (similar to the Costco philosophy) and let the buyers make an informed decision.

Either way, there are hundreds of online companies on the internet that sells mens wedding rings so the wise shopper can take their time, do their homework, and find the perfect ring for the perfect gift!

Best to you and yours as you shop!