Why purchase a Sterling Silver Ring?

Have you ever considered purchasing a Sterling Silver ring or for that matter a necklace or bracelet or pendant made from this material? Silver in rings is usually graded as 925 - a common name in the industry for a sterling silver product - be it a ring or some other product. This means that the ring will be at last 92.5% silver with an alloy such as copper making up the difference. If it were not for the addition of the alloy the finished product would simply be too soft to wear - it would bend or break or become misshapen over time. So why purchase a product such as a 925 ring?

Sterling SIlver or 925 is a precious metal and as such increased in value like any other precious metal. It is not as expensive as platinum or even gold and that is why so many jewelers these days are offering 925 as a choice in the precious metal categroy for those who do not want to spend what one must when buying some of the other precious metals.

Can you spend a few thousand on a Sterling Silver 925 ring? Absolutely in fact we will be adding one in a few months that sells for just under $2000.00. As you might guess it has a row of ezquisite diamond sot complement its stunnig design - so if you can, stop by our site in February or March and see the new 925 line.

You'll be delighted by what you see!