6 mm Mens Wedding Rings in 10kt. White Solid Gold Handcrafted - Lander 60W

  • 6 mm Mens Wedding Rings in 10kt. White Gold Handcrafted - Lander 60W
  • 6 mm Mens Wedding Rings in 10kt. White Gold Handcrafted - Lander 60W
  • 6 mm Mens Wedding Rings in 10kt. White Gold Handcrafted - Lander 60W
  • 6 mm Mens Wedding Rings in 10kt. White Gold Handcrafted - Lander 60W
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6mm 10kt. White Solid Gold highly polished, low dome, and comfort fit from Carlo di Sanza©This has a polished surface with no engraving/etching or design work on the outside of the ring.

The "Lander 60W" is an individually hand-crafted wedding band utilizing 1000 pounds of pressure to form the ring without any solder joints. Truly the finest handcrafted gold band in the world! Mens Wedding Bands does not carry the less expensive "hollow" precious metal bands - this band is solid throughout! 

This gold band is a classic-cut style meaning the band is smooth polished with no engravings or etchings or designs on the band itself.

NOTE: This 10kt. band is a special order from the Carlo di Sanza© Designer Ring Collection® ... please allow 2 weeks for production/delivery 

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