8 mm Antler Mens Wedding Bands in 14 kt. White Gold - W8G121M

  • 8 mm Antler Mens Wedding Bands in 14 kt. White Gold  - W8G121M
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PLEASE NOTE: When you purchase any of our Exotic Inlay wedding bands, the J095C (click here to view this ring) will be sent to you before we place your order to make sure that the size you have ordered is accurate. This ring is yours to keep - we suggest you wear it when performing those harsh jobs at work or at home - thus protecting your one-of-a-kind custom inlay. This service, including the J095C, with the shipping, is free. Questions? Please call 801-755-1661 or email  

8 mm, 14 kt. White Gold with Antler Inlay Design - and Comfort Fit. Have your own antler that you want to use in the creation? No problem - send it to us and we will incorporate it into the finished piece! Antler Mens Wedding Bands.

Note: This is an exotic Antler Mens Wedding Bands Collection, hand selected antlers from Elk, Caribou, and White-tailed Deer - this exotic antler collection is the most prestigious of all of our collections - rings are made by hand, no two the same and all are made with exotic genuine antler materials. Each handmade ring in this collection is made from an un-cut antler band meaning there are NO SEAMS in the finished product! There are no other rings on our site that are made with the care and precision as rings within the Exotic Antler Collection. 

Different coloration in antlers depends partly on the amount of oxidized blood on the antlers (from velvet shedding - see picture below) and partly from a chemical reaction between the blood and juices from plants on which the antlers are rubbed. If a buck begins rubbing his antlers before the velvet and blood have completely dried, the blood stains the antler and gives it a darker color. The predominant species of trees in an area also influence the color. Pines allegedly cause darker antlers, likely from bucks rubbing on exposed sap after they break the tree's cambium layer. A buck's genetics may also influence color. Some bucks are predisposed to having lighter or darker antlers, and to rub more or fewer trees. A buck's age can play a role as older bucks tend to rub more than younger animals. Finally, the time of year can also influence color as antlers generally lighten over time due to the bleaching effect of moisture, sunlight and extreme winter conditions.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for handcrafted creation and shipping. RUSH ORDERS are available for a small additional fee - just give us a call!

This collection carries a full one-year warranty against manufacturing defects and has a special RING ARMOR applied to strengthen and water-proof the finished piece. With this special patented application, wood and antler rings have the potential to last a lifetime without chipping, cracking, breaking, or warping. RING ARMOR can be re-applied for as long as you own the ring for a minimal charge. Make sure your custom wood ring is protected with RING ARMOR! 

If we are shipping this ring to Canada, please select “Expedited Priority Shipping” during Checkout for safer and faster shipping and to avoid any unnecessary delays in delivery - Jewelry by Johan.






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