And the winner is ... white gold for men

What do we mean when we say and the winner is? And then we suggest white gold is the winner. What are we really asking? What are we really comparing? Cut and design? Stamina in a wedding band? Looks and eye-catching appeal? Durability and long lasting looks and appeal? How about simply fit and wear? White gold in a mens ring is a stunning look that over time has never really diminished in popularity - it remains CONSISTENT. That is what we mean by the real winner - white gold in a mens wedding band is one of the most if the not the most consistently popular ring anywhere to be found all over the world and regardless of whether it is purchased online or in the store. It is simply popular and in demand year in and year out. Period.

Tungsten? Very popular and is one of the up and coming heavy favorites to overcome white gold in the long run but for now - no way - it is still white gold.

Titanium? Not a chance at least for now. Coabalt? Never? Stainless? Absolutely not. Platinum? Too expensive. Palladium? Not enough demand - to expensive for the general look and popularity to amount to all that much. How about yellow gold? It has never been able to keep up with its white cousin and appears not to be able to anytime in the near future either.

So for now - the winner is white gold. Clean, easy to maintain and size, proced right, matches her band, is easily buffed to a new look and can easily be engraved inside or outside the wedding band.