A Groom's Guide to Planning the Wedding

A Groom's Guide to Planning the Wedding

Wedding planning can often become synonymous with stress. The best way of avoiding stress is to know the ways of picking your battles that help to prevent conflicts. As you would be interacting with lots of people while preparing for the big day, you need to have control over your emotions and let the brain decide. You will come across different situations, and you must be capable of reacting to them correctly. Sometimes you might have some opinion and express it, and sometimes you would prefer to walk away as if nothing has happened. The trick to proper wedding planning lies in cooperating with others who are in it with you.

To have a smooth ride during wedding planning, which can often be confusing, it is essential never to lose perspectives. Be proactive and stay prepared to avoid the lure of taking on others, enter into fierce debates that can even lead to some fights and eventual meltdown, which just does not make any sense at all. Instead, work diligently to play it out according to the game plan that you have drawn so that you avoid the chances of being caught off guard. Let us discuss how you can go about in understanding what you need to do to have a fun time planning your wedding.

Focus on the cost drivers

Weddings are expensive and tied to many important decisions that you have to take. Every decision you make has some cost implications, and it requires careful thinking. Instead of being concerned about the number of choices to make, you should concentrate on the decisions that are significant cost movers. After all, only a handful of factors contribute to the majority of the cost. If you take these decisions right, you would achieve the goals of staying within the budget. Determining the wedding date, preparing the guest list, and choosing the venue are critical decisions that have a profound impact on the cost. Another cost impacting decision is how much you would allocate for buying wedding bands for the groom.

The guest list

The most significant chunk of money goes in entertaining guests, and you must take care to ensure that the guest list does not contain any superfluous names. In preparing the guest list, be very sure about the names that should be in and those to omit without any hesitation. First, make a list of everyone you know and rank it in the order of importance. An easy way to trim the list is to adopt the policy of no kids and no co-workers.

The wedding date

The spending for the wedding can considerably increase if you choose a day that coincides with some important events like the NFL playoff weekends, the Super Bowl, the World Series or the March Madness. On these dates, there is a considerable strain on the resources and logistics, and besides escalating cost, you could face many other inconveniences when it comes to hiring cars and buses and organizing other service providers to render timely services. Choose the wedding date to prevent it from colliding with some crucial days and holidays.

The venue

A significant portion of funds goes into booking the wedding hall. It may cost you a fortune if you prefer to hold the event at a grand party spot. Look for ways to reduce cost by weighing the options - if you could bring liquor supplies of your own, fix a caterer that can get you a discount, and handle the parking better.

The budget for wedding band

Many people dream of having the best wedding ring, but before you get too emotional about it, think about the cost and make a shortlist of some type that can fit the bill.Gather as much information as possible by visiting, the leading online store for men's wedding bands. The store has an extensive collection, perhaps the largest that you would find online. Besides knowing about the various designs and styles and how much it would cost, you can also avail significant discounts that the site offers. Spend time to evaluate the options so that you can apply the best judgment in buying a custom handmade wedding band that is unique and breathtaking but does not cost you an arm and a leg. From the metal to the choice of inlays, you can make it your very own in all respects.

Be choosy about the music

You will always remember your first dance as a married couple, which is why selecting excellent music is so crucial. Whatever you plan and no matter how much you spend, everything can become futile if the music does not sound pleasing to the ears and appeal to the hearts in the way you want. Talk to the DJ and hand over the playlist so that you enjoy every song that will play at the venue that day. How the ambiance lives up to the music is a measure of its success, and it depends on how well you maneuver the DJ to make him/her understand what you need.

Plan the honeymoon

The honeymoon is an integral part of wedding planning, and you must complete the plan much before you formalize the wedding arrangements. In fact, you can do it right from the time you fix the date because for planning the honeymoon, you need not pay heed to formalities and etiquette related to the wedding. Do it in the way that suits the needs of both you and your better half.

Plan your attire

The wedding is one of those rare days in your life when you appear in your best clothes, dressed in the best way. Regardless of the ceremony and the theme of the wedding, you have to be in the best shape and present the sharpest appearance. Pick something that is timeless and easy on colors. Have no second thoughts about doing away with pleats but think carefully whether a bow tie is what you want to wear on a simple collar.

You have reached the finish line of planning. Do not be hesitant to make subtle changes to make everything go perfectly!

25th Aug 2020

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