Are You Marrying Your Childhood Sweetheart? Help Him to Select from the Best Mens Rings!

Are You Marrying Your Childhood Sweetheart? Help Him to Select from the Best Mens Rings!

Times change, and so have trends. Hence, it is time to bid farewell to the conventional ways of planning a wedding. That includes the flat, gold, chunky, jaded bands for men. We have always seen brides getting enthused about their wedding rings and accessories. Most people believe that men’s wedding rings do not steal much attention. However, the 21st-century designers have introduced a vast range of bands for men that are worthy of all the praise. From plain to exotic, they have it all covered!

The happiness of marrying your childhood sweetheart

There is bliss in finding your true love, and there is joy in getting to marry him/her. The thought of getting married to your childhood sweetheart is all about excitement and fun! There is also an element of nostalgia when you think of all the years that you have spent together. You are perhaps busy planning everything right from the wedding dress to the guest list and wedding cake!

Amidst the rush and stress of wedding planning, you should not forget about your groom's wedding ring. A band symbolizes all that your bond stands for. It is a testimony to your relationship. Get involved with it. Men are usually shy or clueless about their accessories. Relationship experts reveal that men find it tough to voice their opinions on the kind of bands they prefer.

Back in the days, there were fewer jewelry options for men. The customary gold ring was the standard choice for all. Naturally, that did not call for much engagement from a man's side. Today, there are smart and chic bands for men available both online and offline. Go all out and help him select the one he truly loves!

Designer bands he may genuinely like

Gold is the prominent material for men’s bands! However, today's designers are adding delicate and subtle variations to it. Men can get their favorite phrase or the name of their wife inscribed in a minimalistic way, and the classic gold ring with a small diamond on it is a popular choice. The matte gold sheen is a modern variety that suits urban men.

White gold bands are fashionable and aristocratic. Here, the gold gets plated with rhodium. The color is distinctive and has a similarity with platinum. Most men select white gold rings for two reasons. First, they love its luminous white hue. Secondly, they prefer the platinum look, but not the steep price.

Another category that is popular with men are the titanium bands. It is lightweight, durable and hypoallergenic. Both the online and offline stores offer the same in the black and grey finish. The appearance varies from high-gloss to matte. Sinceyou cannot resize titanium rings, you have to choose well.

Knowing your partner is the best way to guide him to the choicest band. Over the years of your courtship, has he and his preferences changed? If yes, you could offer him more choices. Browse through, and you will come across innovative ideas for wedding rings.

Check out the new age wedding rings for men

The era of "one size fits all" wedding rings for men is a thing of the past! Men have more options today. For instance, if your man has an experimental mindset, a tungsten carbide band should be an ideal choice. This material is famous for retaining its finish and is very strong. They are widely available in grey, white and black. For an affordable budget, cobalt alloy is a good fit. It is hypoallergenic, naturally white and durable. Being scratch resistant, it does not shatter and looks akin to white gold.

If your man loves to dress up suave on chosen occasions, there is nothing better than the diamond wedding band for men! Style-conscious men drool on the class and sparkle that a diamond band imparts. So, diamonds are no more just a girl's best friend!

Jewelry designers today use ergonomics and make bands that are comfortable to wear. Guide him in selecting curved interiors instead of flat. Few rings differentiate between the bottom and top where the former is tapered and plain. Stainless steel is yet another metal that designers have experimented with for its durability and longevity. Engravings too are standard for men who want to customize their bands.

Apart from fancy finishes, you can even blend colors or metals. For instance, men love a blend of yellow gold accent with a cobalt alloy ring. Alternatively, you can also mix gold and white gold.

Match bands with wedding ideas

It is your wedding. So, go ahead and match your man's wedding band with the wedding theme or idea. If you have a vintage wedding theme, reminiscinga bygone era with shades of grey and ivory, a white gold or platinum wedding band will be an ideal choice. For couples who are creatively inclined and have decided on a rustic or a vineyard wedding can choose the classic gold band. The beauty of two contrasting elements will add to the wedding grandeur. Want to recreate the nostalgia of the days gone by with a barn wedding? If yes, choose a tungsten or titanium wedding ring. If you have signed up for an elite destination wedding, nothing fits better than a diamond wedding band.

Once your man has decided on his wedding band, getting it customized is easy. In fact, today there are heaps of online websites that design, customize and deliver men’s bands at an affordable cost. Browse the search engine, and you will come across some trusted brands.

When planned well, a wedding celebration can be magical. Once the ceremony and fiesta are over, what remains with the couple is the wedding band. It stands for the promise of a lifetime together. If you want your husband's smile to reach his eyes every time he looks at his ring, share with him the designer, new age bands for men and guide him to take a call.

25th Aug 2020

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