Best Wedding Gift Ideas to Overcome the Dilemma of a Perfect Gift

Best Wedding Gift Ideas to Overcome the Dilemma of a Perfect Gift

Weddings are stressful and expensive – not just for the bride and groom – but for the guests too. The guests, who had already overextended credit card for buying the tickets to get there, hotel expenses, new outfits, primping, now have to bear the additional wedding gift dilemma. The idea of gift registries can save you or burn a hole in your already burnt pocket considering the fact, it consists of items that vary wildly in price, from $10 tea cups to luxurious home entertainment gifts for more than $600. You don’t want to go “cheap” but, at the same time, in a dire need to hear what your monthly budget keeps whispering in your ears every passing day.

So, being a guest, what would you do? Pack something from your own home as a gift to the happy couple, lie about the gift being on its way, or just turn up to a wedding “gift-less” – certainly not! And if you are one of those special guests, you simply cannot hand over a wad of cash to the wedding couple and get away. You want to make your present special – and a bit more personal – something like men’s wedding bands with personalized engraved text (he needs to feel equally special too!), or a favorite brand’s handbag for the bride.

Don’t panic! With wedding season right around the corner, we’ve done the dirty work for you.

Personalized Whimsical Wall Art – For the Home Décor Buffs

Whether or not the new couple is moving to a new home after the big day, a personalized home décor gift is something every couple would love and cherish all their life. Pick a wall art, say a frame plaque, a clock, or choose a set of coasters or mugs, incorporating tidbits of their love life, like their favorite photos together, the date of wedding, or any other special text. A little style mingled with a personal touch make heart-melting gifts – since forever!

Bed Linen – For the Homebodies

Where do you think are the newlyweds going to spend most of their time? Bedroom! A set of plush new bed linens is sure to luxe it up for them. While a double of other homely gifts, like crockery, cutlery, toasters, etc. might look like an extra thing in the home, having a set of luxury bedsheets, quilts, sheets, or blankets are always a welcome.

A Piece of Art – For the Artistic Couple

Time to go a little creative! Amuse the happy couple with a quirky piece of art, be it a vase, posters to handmade wall paintings, or a vintage-style show piece. It might take some time for you to find a unique, worth buying gift for art lovers, but nothing will please such art buffs more! If you want to get more real, get your newlyweds a membership to their favorite museum as they get more quality, arty time to spend together while sharing common interests.

Men’s Wedding Bands – Especially for the groom!

The main attraction in any wedding is primarily the bride but the groom needs to be made to feel equally special -- after all, it’s his big day too! Also, if you happen to be the groom’s colleague or his mate from the college gang, you would obviously be more thoughtful towards him. Surprise him with a classy wedding band for men, designed in luxury platinum, titanium, tungsten, silver, or gold – whatever suits your budget. You can also make these men’s wedding bands all the more memorable by getting them engraved with his initials or some other personalized wish as well.

Fashionable Shoes – for Her, by Her Favorite Girlfriends!

A girl can never say NO to shoes! The never-ending love for new shoes make trendy shoes a wonderful wedding gift for the bride. To keep make sure it’s perfect for her, you could plan it beforehand, and gift the bride things that will go well together to complete that gorgeous look – a dress, a pair of stylish shoes, a chic handbag – and bingo!

Kitchen Appliances – Help Them Set Up the Kitchen!

There is no denying the fact that wedding gift registries are always loaded with kitchen appliances, which simply means these are one of the most sought-after or popular wedding gifts. Kitchen appliances have become smarter and more sophisticated than ever before. Those smarter, faster, smaller kitchen appliances can make daily kitchen chores simpler and more fun! The extensive variety of mixers, blenders, slow cookers, coffee makers, ovens, and more is the key to a functional, modern-day kitchen. So wouldn’t it be sweet and thoughtful to help the new couple set up their first kitchen together?

Things They Can Take To Their Honeymoon

Honeymoon gives some of the sweetest moments in a couple’s life. If the happy couple has already booked the tickets and already too excited about their honeymoon, you can share the happiness by gifting from a whole host of things they can take along. From regular, but nice, ideas like sunglasses, swim trunks, passport covers, luggage bags, and travel books, to those creative ones, like a tote bag with some bride quote imprinted, or a loungewear or robe with embossed bride-groom text, and other personalized gifts. What else? Surprise the lovely couple with an exquisite gift basket stuffed with interesting items, such as massage candle, do-not-disturb sign, luggage tags, etc.

The list can go on and on, and the newlywed couple deserves all the special things. Err – without hurting your budget. While gifts like men’s wedding bands, cufflinks, watch, or a hip flask will make wonderful gifts for a groom any day, chic shoes, apparels, and clothing will always be a loved by any new bride. Depending on your budget, and how closely you relate to the new couple, we have presented you some interesting, thoughtful, yet economical wedding gift ideas to make weddings fun and a moment to cherish for all – the couple as well as the guests. 

22nd Aug 2016

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