​Black Diamond Mens WeddingRings

Black Diamond Mens Wedding Bands

We are asked from time to time about black diamond rings – are they real, do they contain real diamonds and why are they black? Are they as expensive as white diamonds and do they hold their value like a white diamond ring. We will try and answer some of these questions here …

Black diamond rings contain real diamonds – they are as real as white diamonds and actually are valued about the same now. A few years ago they were less expensive than white diamonds but this has changed with a huge marketing campaign designed to increase the value and cache of black diamonds.

Many of the world’s black diamonds come from South Africa and Brazil although there are pockets of black diamonds in many other areas of the world. What is most unique about a black diamond is how it deals with light. The best way to make the comparison is to start with a white diamond. With a white diamond, light is refracted through its brilliant cut – giving the appearance of thousands of light points.

A black diamond does not refract light. That is what makes it black. Instead it absorbs light and therefore gives the black appearance. When you study a black diamond you will notice that the crystalline structure is different than a white diamond. A black diamond is “polycrystalline” in nature – meaning it has the appearance of many diamonds smashed together – thus the term polycrystalline.

One of our most popular black diamond rings is the M252HC shown below. 

This stunning wedding band has 9 diamonds totally almost a third of a CWT. It is made in a comfort fit design and is available in sizes from 6-16 including ½ sizes. To add a certain panache to this fashionable ring a sterling silver inlay holds the diamonds in place. Most tungsten rings will have a precious metal inlay to house the diamonds in that the actual tungsten carbide is so hard you cannot meld the material in and around the diamonds to keep them in place – therefore a precious metal inlay is used to secure the diamonds.

20th Oct 2014 Ron Johnson

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