Buy once - buy right - mens wedding rings can be deceiving!

Buy once - buy right - mens wedding rings can be deceiving!

We've all heard to buy once and buy right - does this apply to purchasing a men's wedding rings such as gold or one of the newer contemporary metals such as cobalt or titanium?

We believe so - you can find $30 rings on eBay most of which are overseas knockoffs with no warranties and no guarantee as to the manufacturing process. Then there are the patented models with a guarantee as to how many processes are involved in the finishing of the ring - of course you will pay more for a patented ring than you will for a knockoff.

So what is the trade off? Maybe you need to spend less to start with a re-purchase if something happens to the ring. Or, maybe you can afford to spend more - sometimes hundreds of dollars and hope to keep the ring for a lifetime in part because of the sentimental value.

Whatever your circumstance sometimes it just helps to think it through - talk with your partner - and decide together just what type of ring you want and at what cost.

Chances are with all the brick and mortar stores and the thousands of online sellers the right ring at the right price is there for you!

Check out the K121M below.

3rd Jun 2012

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