​Can you size Mens Tungsten Wedding Rings

Can you size Mens Tungsten Wedding BandsThere are so many myths about this subject these days that no wonder we get asked this question many times each week. Tungsten wedding bands are hard and somewhat brittle because they are so hard – but can they be sized? The simple and direct answer is no – but that is where a customer needs more information before they make a decision against a tungsten wedding bands due to a lack of ALL the information!

Manufacturers – at least 90% of them – have initiated a policy whereby they can correct a wrong size in a tungsten wedding band. Return it to the store that you bought it from and have them order a new ring for you in the correct size. For ever you ask? Yes. Any size? Yes. No limit on how often I can do this? No. Is there a charge to get a brand new ring? Yes, but typically it is small – under $40 and you get a new ring!

Can you do the same with a titanium or a cobalt wedding band? Yes. Gold? Yes. Platinum? Yes. With virtually any ring these days of you need it sized, it can be done. Period.

So why all the fuss over sizing contemporary or mens tungsten wedding bands? There is none – just a lack of basic information on the subject so go spread the word – there is no problem is you need a new size in a tungsten band. Period.


2nd Jul 2014

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