Can't find what you want? Need a custom mens ring? Send us an email!

Custom rings. Happens all the time. we get a lot of requests from customers who want a blue diamond to replace a white diamond or they want a custom inlay band with a piece of antler that they themselves took down on a hunting trip. Our response? Sure, send us the piece of antler and we will be sure and add it to the custom piece you like on our site!

And the customer who wanted the blue diamond in place of the white diamond? We contacted the factory and they said not a problem - this is the price and it takes 2 weeks - they were delighted by the custom piece made just for them.

So how do you contact us? We love to talk to people on the phone because most just use the internet to buy - and we love to interact with our customers! So call us - see the phone number under the "Call Us" tab above. Or send an email to

We have also had people who ask about making an exotic inlay band in 1/4 size (like a 9.75 instead of a 10) or possibly taking an 8 mm band and making it 10 mm in width. Our response - sure we can do that!

So don't be afraid to reach out to us - if we can do it we will let you know within 24 hours in most cases and we'll treat you fair on the price. That is the way Taylor treats people and as our founder and owner that is also the way we treat people as a company.

Keep shopping and remember to ask yourself - why pay retail? 

17th Feb 2014

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