Caring for your mens ring

Caring for your mens wedding jewelry

How does one care for a stunning wedding ring? Does one use chemicals or water or cleaning fluid or a damp cloth or is it safe to simply take it into a jewelry store? If you have a close relationship with a local jeweler that you trust and if they are willing to clean your band - whether or not you bought it from them - that might be the best course of action. They have special technology that cleans the ring without harming the piece. Another benefit in going to a jewelry store is that they can also check for loose stones as they follow their cleaning process.

If that is not a solution that can work for you - the best bet is to use a dry or damp rag - without using any type of chemical or cleaning fluid - and simply clean it by hand. In some cases using a q-tip cleaner or a small cotton ball is handy for working grime out of smaller cracks and etchings that might be a part of the design of the ring. 

Sometimes preventative care is the best solution to cleaning. Some people simply remove the ring at night and keep it in a secure, dry and protected place such as the original ring box. And of course when doing those tough, dirty jobs at work or around the house it might be best to use a different ring that has less value or one that has no precious metals, inlays or diamonds or even remove it for that type of work.

It also pays to find out what type of warranty comes with the ring initially - many manufacturers these days allow for a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. Or in some cases you might have at least a one-year warranty against defects.

Bottom line, wedding bands for men are designed to last throughout the marriage and like the marriage itself they must be cared for and protected and treated with respect at all times.

19th May 2016

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