Choosing mens wedding rings that are hypoallergenic

Choosing mens wedding rings that are hypoallergenic

We have heard that some rings on today's market can cause allergic reactions due to the material makeup of the ring. For instance there are certain types of new contemporary metal tungsten containing a cobalt alloy that can cause minor irritations and flareups on your finger. Although this is not a serious condition it can be very uncomfortable for the person wearing the ring. So how does one make sure when purchasing men's wedding band that this type of allergic reaction will not have them? The true answer to this question is less about what type of ring you are purchasing from more about the chemical properties being manufactured into contemporary metal rings. I will explain.


Manufacturers understand the need to produce to create and to desire on rings that do not have this irritation built into the material composition. Understanding this most legitimate manufacturers of rings go out of their way to produce rings that do not irritation producing alloys in the ring itself. With that said, if a person knows they are allergic to stainless steel for instance, it would be foolish to purchase a stainless steel ring assuming that the manufacturer has eliminated all allergic properties from their particular sterling silver rings. Likewise if the person knew they were allergic to cobalt it would be foolish to purchase a cobalt ring.


We're just suggesting that if one is worried about being allergic to particular material most of these allergic compositions have been removed by manufacturers so that the irritation caused by certain alloys have been removed. The bottom line is that a person may not know if they are allergic until after he purchased and worn the ring for a period of time. Given this realty it is wise to select a retailer-whether big-box mall or online-who has a return policy or a replacement policy should allergic reactions occur. We have found that most of these types of sellers are prevalent and to be able to return the ring is commonplace should this occur. But to be safe one should ask up front and get a copy of their return policy in writing before making the purchase.

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7th Dec 2012

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