Choosing The Ideal Men's Bands: Let Your Star Element Guide You!

Choosing The Ideal Men's Bands: Let Your Star Element Guide You!

Shimmering bands and rings – ask a woman to select one for her and she can happily stay engaged in it for a week until she finds the perfect one. The story goes a little differently for a man. He might have brilliant ideas to pamper his woman, but when it comes to selecting a band for himself, he enters the "blank zone" of thoughts. If you can relate to this, let us assure that you are not the only one!

Many men depend on suggestions shared by their friends, family, and fiancée to select their bands. However, if you want to make the selection all by yourself, but you are currently struggling to make a decision, there is a quick way out. Allow your star to do the choosing. There are four astrological elements, namely earth, water, fire, and air. You can select your band based on star element. It is a fun way to go about your band selection than getting overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices.

Earth- Practical and Calm (Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo)

Reliable, stable and simultaneously moving and active – these are the core personality traits of people with the earth sign! The chances are they are all true. Other characteristics that define you are tradition, order, conventions and being cautious. You want a simple life, and you evolve through life experiences. Embedded in deep pragmatic thinking, you do not have an excess adrenaline rush or any unrealistic dreams. However, you would love to let go all routine once in a while. However, at times you can be rigid and a tad bit overprotective towards your family, friends, spouse and loved ones.

Warm, artistic, a gem of a friend and an honest spouse, the best band options for you are the ones in Gold, Yellow Gold, and White Gold. It is simple, classic and resilient.

Fire – Leader and Forceful (Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo)

If you are of the fire element, then leadership comes naturally to you! You are ambitious, want the best of what the world has to offer, and you are passionate just about everything. It sometimes makes you pick up battles that are not meant to be yours. Most fire signs attract attention almost naturally. They are the life of every party, the best ones for sure. More than logic or experience, you follow your gut and instinct. That makes you the most dynamic and attractive element of all four. You are choosy and can be moody as well! When it comes to accessories, you just want something flashy and classy.

No wonder when your eyes chanced upon an elegant Platinum men's wedding band, you felt at home! That is your wedding band. Other than platinum, you could do well with white gold. You can find some of the best designs on

Water - Emotional and Philosophical (Scorpio, Cancer, and Pisces)

Water refers to our inner self and psyche that is tough to fathom. Going by that logic, water signs too are complicated to understand. Do not be surprised if people find you mysterious. Your deep thinking, keen observation skills, and inner framework are not everybody's cup of tea. Even when looking calm and poised on the surface, you may be brewing a storm within. Moreover, you know how to manage and grow through it. There is a bright side to your wit and humor that surface as the guard goes down. Also, since you are well read and have diverse interests, you have a distinct taste.

The best bands for you are the ones in tungsten and titanium. All three are unconventional, just like you. These metals are lightweight, can be crafted in dark shades to look distinctive.

Air - Logical and Spontaneous (Libra, Gemini and Aquarius)

Air signs are famous for their independence and quick, logical thinking! They are the ones who have the best one-liners, brilliant ideas, impromptu travel plans, and a database of the best lounges and eateries in the city. If you are an air sign, you love to enjoy life and get engaged in intellectual discussions. You simply loathe stagnancy. So you are always on the move. Multi-tasking is your innate skill. Rational, smart and outgoing, you know the ways of the world and are successful in making a place for yourself wherever you go, that is exclusive. Your views are based on experiences and are changeable depending on the circumstances. You are a romantic and in love with love.

The ideal band choices for you are in rose gold, platinum, and zirconium. Rose gold has a light pinkish element which is sync with your carefree romantic core.

The wedding is a celebration of when two people decide to grow old with each other, traditionally speaking. However, you are free to add your creative cookies to enjoy your wedding. Resorting to a smooth and quirky way to select your wedding band could be one. It might lead you to the best designs. So, allow your stars to guide you! Know your star element well and choose from the best men’s band choices.

25th Aug 2020

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