Creating Eternal Relationships That Last a Lifetime!

Creating Eternal Relationships That Last a Lifetime!

Wedding costs are increasing every year, and an average American wedding in 2016 that took place in the fall and hosted 140 people had required around $35,000. The cost is about 8% higher than what it was in 2015. Therefore, it is quite natural that we often get worried about wedding budgets especially when it comes to bands for men. There is no written rule for how much you should allocate for men's wedding rings, which is now in vogue as a fashion accessory rather than just a piece of wedding jewelry that men are supposed to wear.

It is not a compulsion for men to wear bands as was demonstrated by Prince William a few years ago when he declined to wear the wedding band. Although the Prince’s decision had created waves, looking at the history of wedding bands, you would discover that it is not very unusual.

Incidentally, the male band has acquired almost equal importance as the bride's wedding ring that accompanies the couple through their lives. However, there is not much of ceremonial significance to wedding bands that men wear except that it symbolizes love and bond. Men also wear it as a mark of respect to their partner by conveying a special message. The history of men's wedding rings is much shorter than wedding rings worn by brides, and it is yet to reach the century mark.

A brief history of the male band

In the early part of the 20th century, the tradition of men wearing rings first came to the fore and became more prevalent during the World Wars. It is surprising that the ornament that has become synonymous with wedding ceremonies had spread its wings from the war fields. The rings became a symbol of remembrance for the loved ones in the fiery war fields where soldiers used to wear it as a sign of staying close to their sweethearts. However, the immense sentimental value that we attach to men's wedding rings today became prevalent from the time of the Korean War. It was the time that matching wedding rings of the bride and groom came into prominence, a tradition that we carry forward today. Bands created for men only started gaining popularity, and today it has found a place among essential wedding jewelry that you have to budget for accordingly.

How much to spend on bands

While spending on wedding bands is a matter of personal choice, and you can pay as much your heart and pocket permit, the average budget of $1000 or less seems to be quite acceptable. The figure gains ample support from online stores such as, which exclusively sells wedding rings for men. Here, you can find a vast collection of bands in that range. Considering the total cost of the wedding, the budget of $1000 seems to be quite reasonable and pocket-friendly. Moreover, you would have many options to choose from within the budget that would surely help to select the right wedding ring.

Something for everyone

Accepting the budget would lend flexibility in choosing because the collection is so extensive that you will never be disheartened. You would surely find something that meets your budget and suits your style that tells about your taste too. If you desire to wear a classic, you can pick a gold wedding band with an emerald cut or solitaire diamond. For a more modern look, you can choose tungsten or rose gold that brings a lot of fresh designs with it. Selecting a platinum band with black diamond setting could help your fashion desires soar high besides expressing your exquisite taste. To stay trendy and fashionable with minimum spending, look for tungsten wedding rings with exotic wooden inlays.

The choice of hands

On which hand you would like to wear the wedding ring depends on the custom and tradition you believe in, but one thing is for sure - you have to wear it on the ring finger. Since the right hand becomes dominant during oaths and vows, in many custom and culture, it is the obvious choice for wearing wedding rings. It symbolizes the vows of matrimony and the pledge to uphold it.

Some other cultures prefer using the left hand for wearing bands, and there are reasons for it. The primary reason for choosing the left hand is that people believe that the vein of love runs through the ring finger. Wearing the ring on this finger thus creates a direct connection with the heart. Another reason is that since people use the left hand less than the right one, the standard practice ensures less damage and long life of the band.

Why the ring finger only?

To wear or not to wear wedding bands is a personal choice, but if you decide in its favor, you must wear it on the ring finger only, regardless of the preferred hand. The ring finger is least used and wearing the ring on it means that it faces lesser chances of being damaged when doing some manual work. Moreover, the ring would not cause any disruption where the right hand is more dominant for most people. That increases the life of wedding bands, which can even outlive you, as many people desire.

The evolution of design

In the most traditional form, bands were simple in design and made from all metal construction to suit the working needs of the person wearing it. The purpose was to make it comfortable for the wearer to work with the hands despite wearing the ring. Moreover, it was easy to maintain the rings that had flat surfaces. With time, more intricate designs and different patterns became popular as maintenance became easy. New metals like tungsten, titanium, palladium and even non-metals like ceramic and wood made its way into the world of bands.

Most importantly, the symbolism of wedding bands has also changed from being the symbol of love to a symbol of the unification of two souls. 

25th Aug 2020

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