​Diamond Inlay Wedding Rings

Diamond Inlay Wedding Bands

Diamond Inlay Wedding Rings are a symbol of love, fidelity and eternity. Combined with either platinum, white or rose gold, and even modern materials like

titanium, tungsten carbide and pure tungsten, these rings are highly sought after by both grooms and brides as symbols of their undying love for each others.

Diamonds are the strongest substance known to man and nothing short of an act of God can destroy them. There are however a few important things that you need to know before you make the selection of a diamond inlay band in order to be on the safer side, and not get ripped off. This post is about all the things you need to keep in mind when looking for a diamond inlay wedding ring.

1. Know your jewel: Diamonds are eternal and one of a kind. No two diamonds are exactly alike and if two diamonds are identical, they are likely man made and therefore not half as valuable as a natural diamond. In order to ensure that your diamond inlay bands are what they are advertised to be, you ought to know your jewel well.

2. Know the 4Cs: When choosing a diamond inlay wedding ring you ought to look for the 4Cs of the stone, these include cut, carat weight, color and clarity. The shape and physical dimensions of the diamond are determined by its cut. The carat weight in the case of diamond inlay bands will be the combined weight of all the diamonds in the ring, minus the weight of the metal. Diamonds that are most valuable are also the least coloured and most clear. If the appearance of the stones in your ring is near transparent, your ring will definitely cost you more.

3. Always insist on a GIA certificate: GIA or the Gemological Institute of America, is the world's foremost diamond rating agency. A GIA certification is proof that the diamonds in your diamond inlay band are both valuable and sourced from conflict free regions and therefore are ethical in nature.

4. Shop online save money: The online realm is home to fantastic deals on virtually any and everything, including diamond inlay wedding bands. Browsing through vast collections of inventory at fantastic discounts means that you will definitely save on your dream diamond inlay bands, as compared to buying them offline. Most online jewelry websites are trustworthy, offer cash on delivery and of course the relevant certification assure complete customer satisfaction.

5. Shop for matching rings to save money: His and her diamond inlay wedding bands aren't just a cute, romantic gesture. They are also a practical way of saving money. Designing costs on rings often add a couple of hundred dollars in cost to the diamond inlay bands. So choosing a common design will result in a composite cost on two rings, saving money in the process.

Follow these simple tricks and you will be able to get your dream diamond inlay bands at an effectively lower cost. 

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29th Aug 2015

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