Diamond Wedding Rings

Diamond Wedding Rings

Diamond Wedding bands are a classy, elegant and cost effective alternative to solitaire rings and other more expensive forms of diamond wedding jewelry. These rings are growing in popularity, as they offer everyone a chance to own an inspirational piece of jewelry, a symbol of eternal love, at a fraction of the cost of a solitaire. One of the main advantages of diamond inlay bands is that these rings are normally fashioned out of new metals and materials like tungsten and titanium, which are far more durable than platinum and gold in all its variants. Here is a comprehensive list of advantages of diamond inlay bands in various new age metals, over traditional favorites like gold, silver and platinum.

1. Diamond inlay bands in cobalt: Cobalt is proving to be quite a popular alternative to platinum and other white metals. Diamonds inlaid into cobalt also tend to last longer considering the added weight and stability lent to the integrity of the ring by the metal. Cobalt is an ideal metal to consider if you're looking to add some weight to your wedding jewelry. Unlike other white metals, cobalt retains lustre, is virtually scratch free and can easily be resized, making it the ideal metal for your diamond inlay bands.

2. Diamond inlay wedding bands in titanium: Titanium as a metal is especially popular in men's wedding jewelry, thanks to its diffused, almost gunmetal like appearance. Titanium is also several times lighter than cobalt, yet offers durability and a fair degree of scratch resistance. Owing to its popularity, several finishes, polishes, and textures are available in diamond inlay bands. Titanium bands also lend inlaid diamonds a very different look, as the lackluster of the metal and the brilliance of the diamonds play very well together.

3. Diamond inlay bands in palladium: Palladium is a metal from the platinum family, it shares many of the more expensive metal's pros and virtually none of the cons. Like platinum it is a white metal, in fact is luster is comparable to the former and considering it is available in more abundant supply, it is also infinitely cheaper. If you're on the look out for diamond inlay bands but do not have the budget for platinum, ask for palladium, or instead just shop online and you're bound to find it at an even lower price.

4. Diamond inlay wedding rings in tungsten: Nothing says eternal couple like a diamond inlay wedding band in tungsten. Combining two of the earth's strongest elements into a ring is almost poetic. Tungsten's hardness and durability and diamond's luster and natural brilliance come together to give you a truly unique and beautiful product that will endure all that life throws at you. Tungsten as a metal has no compare when it comes to strength. It requires infinitely less care and maintenance than platinum and silver, the only downside is that it cannot be resized, but given its cost advantage, you could easily get a new one made a competitive price. The best part about tungsten though is the fact that it is hypoallergenic, which means that unlike metals like silver, your diamond inlay wedding rings, fashioned out of this metal will not cause you any skin reactions.

With so many advantages of diamond inlay bands in non traditional metals, why would you even consider traditional metals?

31st Aug 2015

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