Does what we wear impact the mens wedding rings we purchase?

Does what we wear impact the mens wedding rings we purchase?

Have you ever wondered what type of ring a person might purchase if they were sloppily dressed with close to large to fit their body and the close were shabby uncap the maybe even and holes in them? The next time you're out of the airport or the mall or just walking down the busy street see if you can decide for yourself who wears what type of men's ring. From my experience sloppy people typically where less expensive, gaudy jewelry, that look worn, used, scratched, and basically unfit to be called fashion jewelry. Conversely, we have found that the well-dressed man will typically spend much more and look for the perfect wedding band to fit his taste and his pocketbook. If you spend the thousand dollars on a men's wedding band chances are you're going to have luxurious genuine diamonds and possibly 14 to 18 karat gold inlay into the band.


Unfortunately those who dress poorly often times cannot afford the type of dress that we might consider to the the the cavalier man on the street who buys at the expensive men's wedding stores. In many instances this cannot be helped in fact some of the hardest working man I know barely make enough to support their family much less by fancy clothes and fancy jewelry. There are many rich people wearing the most perfect men's band with the starched white shirts and the designer ties and the cufflinks to match and the tailored suits who have been given this money through no real work of their own and unfortunately these spoiled nonworking entrepreneurs not just black the common decency to treat others with respect to don't have as much as they have but are often arrogant and I'm liked by all even some of their own family members.


So before we judge the person by the close of the ring let's be careful to understand that it can happen to any of us that none of us are guaranteed a free road in life full of nice close a nice jewelry even the perfect men's band with gold inlay and genuine diamonds. So for me and this blog we do think there is a correlation between income and what we where, we also try not to judge based upon these petty descriptions. I would rather have my friend man or woman to be a person of integrity and trust them to gauge my friendship by what type of wedding band they wear. I'm sure you feel the same way.

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15th Dec 2012

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