Engraving Mens Titanium Wedding Rings

Engraving Mens Titanium Wedding Rings

Moving on if you want engrave titanium rings or tungsten ring is you can do that you can have a special message right side of the ring if you wanted to doubts about $25 to engrave a message that's about average cost I would say for jewelry stores. When you go and buy a ring online you can just place it after the check out to make sure and to understand that after you engraver ring can't send it back for a refund because someone else can John where and because it would have your special message engraved into it and what are the chances of two people wanting the same thing engraved? Probably very slim. So what we recommend is that you first get the ring make sure if it's really nice and that you're in love with it and then send it back for engraving that way you can meet Hunter percent sure it will fit right and you'll like it and that is not going away seemingly 200 $300 in case it didn't fit right or something because sizing mens titanium wedding rings is virtually impossible.

See the B122M below

10th Oct 2012

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