​Exclusive Wedding Rings for Men

Exclusive Wedding Rings for Men

Wedding rings represent a relationship and commitment between two people who are in love and are committed to each other until death do they part. Wedding rings have been a part of this tradition which is transferred from one generation to the other and in this way this tradition is still alive even after a long period of time. The unique concept of wearing rings by women is very old but wearing rings by man was not as prevalent until the last few hundred years. At the time this tradition began, men started wearing rings which were either owned or familiar to their wife or which were given by their wives since then it has become a tradition for men to wear a wedding ring. The reason? More than likely it began for men wearing rings so that it reminded not just them but their spouse that they were in a relationship, they were spoken for and it reminded them of their wives and their love ones in this way the ring keeps them connected to each other through this symbol – the symbol of love.

Wearing a unique men’s wedding band is personal choice. Once a decision is made by the couple to buy a set of wedding rings it become compulsory for men to wear the wedding ring even if he dislike it because can you imagine what not wearing the ring would say to the loved one who may have purchased it for him? In our society wearing jewelry by men is not discouraged but in times past the trend of wearing wedding rings by men was not as popular as it is today. There are two types of men when rings are concerned: Some men thought that wedding rings were a natural part of proving one’s love and devotion therefor they have no problem wearing the mens wedding bands. Whereas some men thought that wedding rings were more for the opposite sex they therefor chose not to participate in the formality of wearing the band. For them wearing a wedding ring is just like wearing some other sort of ornamental jewelry so that’s why they accept the wearing in the first place. The problem associated with wearing wedding rings by men is that at some places or in some professions wearing rings are not allowed because the might be dangerous if worn at some specific place and in a specific job - like that of an electrician because some materials can conduct electricity this is health hazard similarly it can also get stuck in heavy machinery. But these cases are rare in these rare cases the man will typically remove the band for work purposes and then wear it after work – not a hug deal.

In earlier 20th century lore, silver, gold and diamonds were usually associated with unique men’s wedding ring’s but now the trend is totally changed for the man who wants something really unique - there are number of choices available for such men among which he can choose its wedding ring material – some of the more common choices these days are platinum, tungsten, palladium, cobalt, titanium and zirconium. Titanium is 100% bio-compatible it is not an irritant and hence does not damage skin or skin color. It is also 45% stronger than steel so it is more durable. It is also used for creating artificial joint replacement but this material is now widely used for jewelry including some of the nicer mens bands in use today. The prime quality of precious material used in the making of a stunning wedding ring is that it is really expensive to buy and therefore the finished product is far more expensive than the less expensive contemporary metals. This quality (expense) means that most wedding rings look different than others because not everyone can afford platinum or wolid gold in white or yellow. Different materials used in the making of unique men’s wedding band reflects unique personalities. The one who choose wedding rings made of gold, silver and diamonds are more traditional. Similarly we have found that many who choose wedding rings made of tungsten or titanium or cobalt to be more of a modernist. These love to have a wedding rings made of such materials appreciate the durability and also the soft budget requirements! There are those who choose materials such as wood set in tungsten or wood in cobalt – we call these the adventurers. These exquisite rings anything but cheap!

So which finger do men wearing these unique men’s wedding bands gravitate to? Typically it is the ring finger of the either hand and more often the left hand on which it has been placed during the wedding ceremony. For those who had never been in a relationship before they may not understand or appreciate this significance and in some cases they might wear it on the little finger or even on the thumb (considered as the first finger). The reason – at least symbolically - behind wearing wedding rings on the fourth finger is that many people thought that the fourth finger has a direct connection with the heart in that a vein from that finger runs directly to the heart (anatomically this concept is not correct) even though many still feel it is true. Men with larger hands wear thick rings whereas men with smaller hands wear thin rings. The cost of wedding rings typically run the same price regardless of thickness unless you are buying gold, platinum or any of the precious metals – that is when you need to be careful about the thickness of the ring or the ring set.

Over all … men wearing wedding rings are more and more popular and are getting more so every day that new concepts in design are forthcoming and prices keep falling – unless with precious metals. So keep shopping and good luck with your purchases - many are finding great deals on the internet these days in that these e-sellers do not have the high overhead of the brick and mortar retailers. And you can shop in your pajamas and slippers!!

30th Mar 2015 Anonymous

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