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Exotic Inlay Wedding Bands

Caring for exotic inlay wedding rings

Let’s begin this examination with a hypothetical question. Let’s say you’ve gotten yourself a pet. A dog, let’s make it an exotic breed, say an Alaskan Husky. Let’s say you live in a slightly more arid part of the country, Phoenix, AZ for instance. Now, knowing that your precious pooch isn’t built for the weather, wouldn’t you take special care to ensure that he/she doesn’t fall ill? After all being a responsible pet parent is an important part of having a pet, isn’t it?

How much more important it is then for you, as the proud owner of exotic inlay wedding rings, to care for the ring? Exotic inlay wedding rings are not as high maintenance as say diamond encrusted platinum rings, but because the inlays themselves are often materials that aren’t used in the making of rings and other jewelry, may need a little extra care.

Caring for your exotic inlay wedding bands

When you consider the sheer variety of inlays on rings, that qualify as exotic inlay wedding rings, the type of care they may need simply boggles the mind. But before you discard the prospect of a beautiful and unique exotic inlay wedding ring, let me put your fears to rest. For starters, most of the materials that are used in exotic inlay wedding rings fall in two broad classes, biological and non-biological. The biological materials that make an exotic inlay wedding ring would include mother of pearl, dinosaur bone, deer or moose antlers, exotic wood grains and other such materials. Non-biological components of an exotic inlay wedding ring would include meteorite fragments, stones and other such materials.

One thing to remember is that all exotic inlay materials are first treated by manufacturers in order to make them durable for production of exotic inlay wedding rings. That being said, the following things need to be done in order to care for your exotic inlay wedding jewelry.

●Before doing any strenuous physical activity like exercising, cleaning or laundry take off your ring, it’s just plain good sense.

●Never use strong reagents, bleaches or chemicals while wearing your exotic inlay wedding ring. these could damage both the inlay work and metal of the exotic inlay wedding ring.

●Every couple of years ensure that you take your exotic inlay wedding ring to a jeweler to have it recoated, polished or just appraised.

●Always take off your exotic inlay wedding ring before sleeping every night, while the ring itself, being made from titanium, cobalt or tungsten is hypoallergenic and may not cause your skin any problems, the inlay work could be damaged if you sweat excessively, and it is best to not take that chance.

●Every once in a few weeks clean your rings in a solution of water and soap in a proportion of 10 tablespoons of water to 1 teaspoon of soap. This soap needs to be mild, so avoid detergents, surfactants and strong cleansing products, rule of thumb, use a baby soap or cleansing product suitable for an infant’s skin. Another thing to do is using beeswax or olive oil to cleanse and shine your ring.

These simple tips and tricks will keep your exotic inlay wedding ring looking brand new for several years. 

9th Sep 2015

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